Digital Enablement

October 17, 2019
Digital Enablement
A digital transformation is revolutionising the Telecommunications sector and overall the digital economy.


If CSPs want to keep their relevant role, they need to be prepared to fulfil sales and services orders with ease and fun.

CSPs marketers are constantly looking for new ideas to fight commoditisation. They want to sell “over the top” services, more impulsively – in a simple, trustable and actionable way –, but they need to be creative and technology must facilitate it.

“Ready to Sell & Able to Buy” – the formula for context buying experience

To provide customers with this new class of buying experiences, a design principle of “digital enablement” must be supported on challenging architecture and processual attributes:

  • Be actionable;
  • In real time;
  • Flexible;
  • In context;
  • Ready to fulfil;
  • Providing Instant status;
  • Assuring granted eligibility.

To provide a fair and secure impulsive buying experience, business needs to be empowered by a leaner offerings design:

  • Instant configuration: Product Managers configure and launch targeted offers based on pre-packed solution templates;
  • Instant deploy: Commercial offers will be automatically available, displayed as an option on the customer self-service channel;
  • Instant access: Customers have access to offers in context, activating (buying) service extensions. Extensions can be activated manually or triggered by events, scheduled events, gift exchange, etc;
  • Instant control: Customers can purchase by impulse, confident that they can reconfigure or simply cancel these services anytime. Customers can also define usage limits, alerts or simply suspend the service.

The technology behind this experience needs to give end-customers control, displaying instantly feedback about what is happening, what can be done and what went wrong. This offering segment needs to be supported by simplicity:

  • Pre-packaged offers Catalogue: Only give access to what is appropriate for the customer’s lifecycle status: add-ons, value-added services, OTT, content, campaigns, etc.
  • Eligibility & Order templates: Each customer can only view offers that are eligible for purchase. In case of redundant subscribed services/tariff, some services may be temporarily suspended.
  • Fingertip buying Process (on-off): A service will be instantly activated as soon as a customer buys it (may require optional token confirmation). The “on/off” button status is the feedback required to monitor service activation.
  • Configurable anytime: Services can be monitored, modified, postponed, suspended or cancelled at any-time, through the customer’s self-service channel. This system provides roll-back and refund policies.

There is a number of creative offerings already delivered by some innovative CSPs around the world that illustrate these new digital trends. But in most cases, these offers still require too much effort and operational costs – something too risky to adopt.

The following examples illustrate what this “Digital Enablement” approach can provide to customers, delivering creative OTT offerings, without the need to dismantle current infrastructures:

  • Customer subscribes to an 15GB data plan add-on. The customer can cancel it anytime and receive a refund for unused data. This feature is only available once a month.
  • Customer gives 1GB of data to a friend. When the friend activates the service, the customer gets 1GB too.
  • Customer subscribes to Mobile TV for the next evening (till 4:00AM), with no additional data charges.
  • Customer activates a temporary mobile service for the next 30 days using the same home family bundle conditions. Activation is done using a free SIM card, received at the shopping centre. Customers can only use this feature twice a year.
  • Customer subscribes to a marketing campaign, getting 100MB of extra data usage for each year of their contract.
  • Customer subscribes to a service that allows accumulation of unused monthly data, to be specifically consumed on-the-go, mobile VoD services.
  • Customer subscribes to a special Service + Data bundle for the next 30 days. This campaign can be automatically renewed every month and cancelled anytime. No refunds available for this service.
  • Customer subscribes to a custom-made “fixed price” service that may be configured by customers anytime with service options such as data, voice, OTT, VoD, etc.
  • Customer is able to activate and cancel the subscription of third-party services, such alerts, games access, information services anytime (for customers who want to control every item which appears on their invoice).

Celfocus currently owns technology, knowledge and skilled people to challenge CSPs to design, implement and deliver this new class of experiences through its CELFOCUS Omnichannel and CELFOCUS Order Management products, in combination with a wide Integration and Customer Management assets.



Written by
José Miguel Barros
Marketing & Communication
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