Celfocus signs TM Forum’s Manifestos

May 7, 2024
Celfocus signs TM Forum’s Manifestos
As a member of TM Forum, Celfocus has signed the Open API Manifesto and the Open Digital Architecture Manifesto.


Celfocus is committed to fostering interoperability and innovation within the telecommunications industry. By signing the Open API Manifesto, Celfocus complies with a global community of leading CSPs and technology providers that drive interoperability across digital ecosystems with TM Forum Open APIs. With 199 signatories, this manifesto leads to a modern solution architecture design towards faster and seamless software development, reducing the time-to-market of new digital offerings.

Furthermore, by endorsing the Open Digital Architecture Manifesto with 172 other members, Celfocus reaffirms its dedication to advancing the design principles and standards necessary for creating flexible and scalable frameworks, particularly for the emerging inter-connected solutions (e.g. MPN, IoT, AI, etc.). This manifesto represents a crucial step towards achieving a 'plug and play' ecosystem of technology capabilities, facilitating greater agility and efficiency in service delivery.

|---Module:testimony|Size:Small|Name:José Diogo Sequeira|Position:Executive Director|Company:Celfocus---|Celfocus's experience allows us to recognise the importance of interoperability and openness to enable speed of change and simplify onboarding and integration of new capabilities. Signing the Open API and ODA Manifestos is a formalisation of the work we've been doing for several years, alongside our clients and in line with our strategy, delivering solutions that follow the ODA principles to foster the necessary flexibility and speed of change to deliver new digital products and services."


By embracing the transformative potential of Open Architectures and APIs, Celfocus aims to contribute to the development of innovative solutions that reduce operational and development costs, elevate the overall customer experience, and increase business agility for better time-to-market.

|---Module:testimony|Size:Small|Name:George Glass|Position:CTO|Company:TM Forum---|Thank you to Celfocus for signing the manifestos, which shows valuable commitment to transforming IT and network capabilities to be future ready. The collective power of TM Forum members delivering the Open Digital Architecture, Open APIs and Autonomous Networks is transforming business and network agility, customer experience and operational efficiency for communication service providers and their suppliers."

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