Embracing the Next Generation of Network Automation

April 21, 2023
Embracing the Next Generation of Network Automation
CSPs must shift the focus from providing communications to delivering personalised digital experiences, embracing fully connected and advanced societal requirements.


Most Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have their digital transformation in action, having typically started from the customer touchpoints and business support systems and slowly made their way to operational support systems and the network itself.

CSPs have historically been perceived as innovators. However, with increasing competition, connectivity democratisation and more recent, innovative services appearing on top, the existing communications service started to be perceived more as a commodity than the cutting-edge service it once was.

By now, it is clear to the Telco industry that how CSPs drive their network digital transformation will guide them to different business opportunities in the future.|---Module:image|Size:Small---|

The Telco Business Tiers


From connectivity to connected experiences

Although CSPs traditionally operated solely at the connectivity business tier, today's competitive landscape demands extreme efficiency and sustainability to achieve success. This can be done through a strong automation culture and open network architectures that reduce implementation costs. By embracing these practices, CSPs can remain competitive while deploying and operating infrastructure and, potentially, continue to operate exclusively on this business tier by being extremely lean, heavily automated, and efficiently monetising their assets and services.

Many CSPs also attempted to be more competitive by establishing partnerships and offering diversified services like music and video streaming, cloud storage, and security services embedded within their traditionally provided communications services. In this context, CSPs were also challenged to develop strong partnerships and exchange capabilities or even marketplaces where they could provide a more comprehensive and appealing offer that aims to improve customer retention, business revenue, and customer experience. All this while remaining ahead of their competition in their mission-critical role within the partnership: connecting people.

However, it is by providing connected experiences that CSPs can again be seen as innovators and continue to be a driving influence for the future of a digitally-connected society, moving away from solely providing connectivity to providing connected experiences with the power to transform how society moves, works, plays and cares for its citizens. This tier is where the most value for operators lies – whether it is on providing an immersive entertainment experience at a stadium, a transportation experience through autonomous vehicles, or even a life-saving experience on a connected ambulance.

Nevertheless, this tier also means additional investment efforts in digital transformation and transforming a business that might not be easily accessible (or even open to being) to all organisations.

Not all Telcos need to be TechCos, as long as they are clear on their goals, prepared to be highly efficient, and, ultimately, have a clear path towards where they want to perform.

A fully digital network experience

People and businesses require high bandwidth, reliable network services, and a fully digital experience to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of an “always-on” customer base and shift towards a predominantly online model.

To achieve this, CSPs need an abstracted, open and automated network that can efficiently deliver on-demand personalised services to customers while also being operationally efficient and sustainable and able to handle exponential growth in service and network consumption.


Celfocus Autonomous Networks Solution

Based on our deep experience in CSP domains, Celfocus created a solution composed of data-driven, agile, modular, scalable, open-source leveraging platform components that respond to the automation of most needs and can evolve alongside CSPs by thinking big, starting small, and moving fast towards autonomy.

Celfocus Autonomous Networks Solution comprises four pre-integrated modular solutions of mostly open-source automation and cognitive data-centric solutions components already implemented, tried, and tested in our clients seeking operational efficiency and lower implementation costs.


Autonomous Networks Solution key components


It aims to simplify network monitoring and automation, facilitate engagement and interaction with business platforms and partners, and ensure the best customer experience possible by providing on-demand self-service functions from plan & design to fulfilment and assurance that manage network and service lifecycles.

What do we do differently?

Celfocus Autonomous Networks Solution differentiates from several other vendor and system integrator market products and solutions in the following aspects:

  • Holistic View: a comprehensive solution for network management that simultaneously covers multiple aspects and functional domains without missing the whole picture and how to get there instead of focusing solely on orchestration or assurance.
  • Solution over product: focus on an overall solution rather than technical component or product deployment, addressing all concerns and challenges coherently with minimal overlaps.
  • Vendor and technology agnostic: flexibility to find the right and best technology to address each module independently of the vendor supplying the solutions (Celfocus, product vendors, open source, and others).
  • Open integration: use of open-source leverages on proven community-built components that are fit to address specific functionalities while also evolving with players addressing similar industry challenges.
  • Iterative approach: an incremental model for network digitalisation instead of a big-bang approach with more chance for failure, where Celfocus leverages already executed strategic investments.


The holistic network representation





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