Case Study

Vodafone Smart Tech eCommerce Evolution Case Study

Vodafone Smart Tech eCommerce Evolution Case Study

A state of the art platform that incorporates the whole purchasing process and customer journey while ensuring flexibility to add new offers and pricing models while answering different market requirements.

Vodafone - one of the largest communication providers in the world – first launched a consumer IoT offering in 2017 and, since then, has been developing its own range of ‘Designed & Connected by Vodafone’ smart tech devices.

With a focus on pioneering smart devices and digital experiences that are seamless to use and provide greater peace of mind, Vodafone is helping consumers stay connected to the people and things they love the most.

The Challenge

With the IoT market growing at a fast pace, it’s expected that home devices will increase from five to fifty, amounting to almost 25 billion connections and 900 billion euros by 2025. With this in mind, an agile and scalable ecommerce solution was essential to reach different markets and segments.

The Vodafone Smart Tech team sought an eCommerce platform that addressed their needs from back to front-end to be able to scale their eShop globally and provide customers with great experiences.

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The Solution

Celfocus partnered with the Vodafone Smart Tech eCommerce team to create an integrated solution, building a new infrastructure root stack with natively integrated components.

The project was delivered in Agile and the platform included: product catalogue, navigation, homepages, product pages, category pages, special offers to target customers, add-to-cart, promo codes, Vodafone ID login, checkout flow, payment, order submission and analytics. It is aimed at combining the back-end with front-end while maintaining the current eShop live.

The Vodafone Smart Tech eCommerce platform - - is the centralised sales channel for all Vodafone Smart Tech products while providing an outstanding customer experience.

High-Level Solution Building Blocks

The solution also allows for a unified customer experience while improving process efficiency and delivered:

  • 80% go-to-market eCommerce reduction;
  • 50% operational cost reduction in the eCommerce back-end;
  • 90% improvement in product creation time;
  • Proactive access to order failure and promo codes engine.

Furthermore, giving the Vodafone team the ability to fully control UI and UX, enhancing the overall user experience.

Project in a nutshell
  • 10 bi-weekly Sprints.
  • 2 streams working in parallel.
  • eCommerce back-end engine from Magento.
  • Front-end from Adobe.
  • Experience Manager 6.5.
  • Live on 7 European markets.

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