Case Study

Vodafone Enterprise Online Portal Case Study

Vodafone Enterprise Online Portal Case Study

A new platform that facilitates the end-to-end management of the content cycle, incorporates the latest improvements in digital marketing and serves as a showcase for the different Enterprise offers as well as providing a powerful leads generation tool.

The Challenge

Anchored on a strong commitment to their customers, Vodafone Group Enterprise embraces digitalization to recognise customers’ needs and behaviours, thus improving their experience and bringing innovative solutions to the market.

The challenge was to improve the corporate website in an initiative which primarily focussed on content but also took advantage of advanced digital marketing best practices, especially those concerning SEO, personalization, A/B testing, analytics and integration with the latest technologies in marketing automation.

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The Solution

Celfocus partnered with several valued stakeholders, including Vodafone Group Enterprise IT, Group Marketing, UK Digital and other strategic partners to build a fully automated Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution utilising Oracle’s cloudbased technology, to provide a new cohesive digital technology stack focussed on delivering a rich and unmatched experience.


The new and improved portal is rapidly becoming a valuable resource for Vodafone Group Enterprise to showcase its global products, solutions and service propositions thus positioning the portfolio, creating awareness and generating new leads.

Also, one of the key benefits provided by the platform is Personalization and the possibility to provide customers with the correct amount of information based on their profiles and needs, which will prove pivotal to support the Customer Excellency Experience promise. Using analytical information and data to gain insight into its customers’ behaviour, Vodafone Group Enterprise was able to gather valuable awareness of what customers are doing, and which content provides better traction.

Furthermore, the solution’s modularity and templates allow for content authors to create and publish new content without requiring any IT changes. The architecture allows replication of both content and modular components supporting the ability to expand the solution to other Vodafone Group Operating Companies.

Finally, the Agile delivery framework and subsequent shorter delivery timescales allowed the project to address requirement reprioritisation, add new functionalities and react to any changes, leading to a quicker time to market for the project.

Project in a nutshell
  • Agile delivery model - Celfocus was able to engage with the different stakeholders, building collaborative bridges between business and the technical team;
  • DevOps approach - Celfocus delivered a continuous schedule of project sprint development cycles whilst simultaneously providing operations and maintenance for the live solution;
  • Sprints delivery - accomplished by setting up a CI/CD approach and testing automation framework;
  • Full migration into an all-cloud environment.

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