Addressing diversity from a unified perspective

April 16, 2020
Addressing diversity from a unified perspective
Nowadays, being connected is not just calling family, chatting with a friend or participating in personal and business group chats. It’s about having all of this together in a single place, accessible from any device.


Mobile is growing at a fast pace and is shaping our people interact, work, buy and even make small personal business. Expected to reach 70% of the global population by 2025 [1], mobile has adaptability and flexibility as cornerstones, allowing consumers to take the most of it as needed and towards the most challenging scenarios.  

Furthermore, consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for apps, rather than for traditional Voice services, and for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) this trend presents a major business growth opportunity, making sure the demand for unification, customisation, and flexibility is well addressed.  

Both individuals and companies no longer want to deal with disjointed systems and expect to be able to self-configure and manage their services with just a few interactions, thus requiring seamless interfaces that provide them with a friendly and unified user experience.

Additionally, individuals have several multiple activities and personas that require separate identities for different contexts, paired with an unprecedented concern about personal data privacy and security.

My Numbers – Freeing phone numbers from devices

Suited for both consumer and enterprise segments, My Numbers allows the use of several number identities for different purposes, without the need for multiple SIM cards, applications or devices.

My Numbers powers multiple use cases: having a temporary number for personal online sales, having a different number for digital subscriptions, such as home deliveries and transportation, and for each group of interest – for instance: work, hobbies, family and parenting memberships.

Any number, any device, anywhere (home included)

My Numbers consists of a fully mobile, digital and self-service user experience whereby, through a mobile app, a set of one or more virtual numbers can be subscribed and used across devices. All voice and text interactions and contacts of the subscribed numbers, along with self-service and configuration settings, are managed on the same interface in a single account.

From an enterprise’s point of view, this solution promotes “Bring Your Own Device”(BYOD), delivering an enterprise managed digital experience on any device, andis packed with additional functionalities, such as company number pool management, user and device management, group message broadcast, company directory, user contacts backups and usage reports. Integrations with Call and Message Recording are also available.

My Numbers enables companies to easily and rapidly deploy a mobile workforce with access to the company’s communication environment allowing employees to work remotely with seamless user experience.

Below two use cases, from a consumer and a company perspective:


Figure 1 - Consumer use case
Figure 1 - Company use case


Within the great benefits of My Numbers is the capability to provide more than just voice calls due toits built-in self-care features. Both companies and consumers can benefit from the solution by:

  • Easily adding new numbers to user’s account, using them for specific purposes without the need to disclaim a personal number;
  • Controlling when and how people reach them, by selecting which numbers are active on their mobile at any time;
  • Choosing which number to use in each call according to the situation, by means of a mobile app;
  • Accessing everything – from call history to SMS, instant messages and voicemails – as it is all synced and available both on mobile and web app;
  • Having additional account administration features on the web app.


[1] GSMA Mobile Economy 2020





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