Case Study

SIRO E2E Automation Case Study

SIRO E2E Automation Case Study

An end-to-end solution that provided SIRO the agility to compete, become a lean operator and be an innovative wholesale provider from day one.

SIRO is a joint venture between ESB and Vodafone that has the goal of delivering 100% “fibre to the home” (FTTH) broadband - to homes and businesses across Ireland. The wholesale operator was established in 2015 and aimed to connect 450,000 premises with 100% FTTH as part of the Phase One rollout.

SIRO has over one-third market share in the fast-growing FTTH broadband category and supports the Digital Agenda in Ireland by enabling homes and businesses to experience the gold standard of connectivity, rivalling countries like Japan or Singapore.

The Challenge

In 2015, the existing networks in Ireland were very dense but had high-speed connectivity limitations. SIRO was founded to build a network from the ground which would, in a short period, provide nation-wide high-speed connectivity.

SIRO sought a technology partner to help create this network, build the IT stack, define all the processes and ensure they were working correctly and ready to hit aggressive targets.

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The Solution

Celfocus partnered with SIRO from the start to create and develop the IT systems along with the business processes and workflows that allowed SIRO to be an agile player in implementing high-speed connectivity.

The processes were designed with efficiency and agility at their core. They included the definition of how SIRO should operate, launch services, execute physical operations – such as fibre installation – and perform the onboarding of new retailers. The business requirements, BSS and OSS Architecture, and the B2B Interface specification were also defined during this phase.

With a feasibility plan in motion, the teams started developing and implementing the OSS infrastructure, which included:

As SIRO and the project evolved, efficiency and data value became critical assets. The teams understood that specific tasks could be automated, and that data could provide powerful business insights. In addressing this opportunity, a cloud-based analytics solution was implemented to convey a new breed of data integration, data analysis and reporting capabilities that guaranteed efficiency and speed of delivery to SIRO’s analytical landscape.


Celfocus helped to shape the process and architecture definition. The solutions improved process efficiency and delivered:

  • Automatic handling and delegation of all interactions with the retailer;
  • Total integration of SIRO systems with operator systems;
  • Exposure of operator features to their customers through APIs and portals;
  • Fully automated processes;
  • More streamlined access and usage.

Furthermore, the Analytics and BI solution automated time-consuming tasks, allowing SIRO to allocate resources to work on roadmap items that bring value to the business, such as predictive models and better integrations. Since information access is quicker, SIRO was also able to better understand its customers’ needs, trends, and different opportunities. The Analytics and BI solution also entailed and improved Performance; Availability and Reliability; Security and Scalability.

Project in a nutshell

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