Celfocus strengthens its position in the UK Market

May 7, 2024
Celfocus strengthens its position in the UK Market
Celfocus is reinforcing its strategic position in the UK market while expanding its client portfolio, which already includes Vodafone UK, Virgin O2, Hiscox, Liberty Global, and EutelSat OneWeb.


Celfocus's approach to continuing its expansion path in the United Kingdom is twofold. By leveraging its proven Operations Intelligence and Data/AI propositions, Celfocus intends to open new revenue streams and significantly reduce operational costs for existing UK customers. Furthermore, the company is committed to supporting new clients to achieve their business outcomes across various sectors, including Telecommunications, Finance, and Retail.  

This expansion drive will be facilitated by presenting key value propositions – with unique accelerators that significantly reduce the time and cost to deliver production-ready solutions – through strategic partnerships, targeted marketing events, lead generation activities, and by leveraging existing relationships.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Scott McRae|Position:UK Engagement Director|Company:Celfocus|Image:|While the UK marketplace is mature and highly competitive, Celfocus’s sector experience and proven IPR/project accelerators will support penetration into target customers by offering proven alternatives that are lower risk and lower cost.


Continuing to nurture commercial relationships with existing customers and partners is crucial to this expansion strategy. The case of the Vodafone Group stands out for being one of Celfocus’s long-standing customers. Thus, by presenting Digital and Cognitive solutions that have been successfully implemented in other Vodafone markets, Celfocus facilitates their replication and adaptation in the UK.

Celfocus's strategic focus areas at Vodafone UK include collaborating with Vodafone Business to deliver innovative solutions that drive commercial value for its customers whilst enabling new revenue streams. Technology is also a key focus area, where Celfocus has the experience and capability to automate and orchestrate many processes using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helping to drive efficiency across all domains.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Robert Skerry|Position:Client Engagement Director|Company:Celfocus|Image:|Our ambition with Vodafone UK is to be the driving force in helping them to accelerate and achieve their Digital Transformation priorities for this year and beyond. Being a thought leader in the Digital & Cognitive space enables us to build solutions that drive efficiencies across Technology, as well as building solutions aligned with the Enterprise market, designed to drive business outcomes, that Vodafone Business can take to the market, scale quickly, and drive new revenue streams.


Since 2013, Celfocus has maintained a physical presence in the United Kingdom. Strategically located in Newbury, the company's office serves as a vital hub for facilitating close relationships with customers throughout the region.  

Moreover, there have been several milestones and achievements – specially in the Autonomous Networks, IoT, Cognitive Care and Artificial Intelligence domains –, that have not only strengthened the relationships with UK customers but also underscored the impact of Celfocus’s solutions within the market landscape. STEP: Breaking Barriers, Saving Lives - Unleashing Innovation for Enhanced Road Safety, developed in collaboration with the Vodafone Group, won the Gold Medal in the IoT Automotive category at the Merit Awards for Telecom, and the award for IoT Initiative of the Year at the Glotel Awards.

The project Bridging the Digital Divide: Connecting Communities Worldwide with seamless Order Management, in partnership with Eutelsat OneWeb, won both the Digital Divide Innovations and Satellite Innovations categories at the Merit Awards for Telecom, and the Satellite Telecoms Award at the World Communication Awards.  

Finally, the Cognitive Intelligence & Automation Solution (CIAS) for Global NOC project, developed with Vodafone, has won the FutureNet World Award in the category The Operator Award for “the best example of an automation deployment”. This project has also been selected as a Finalist for this year’s TM Forum’s Excellence Awards in the Excellence in Autonomous Networks category and will be presented in Copenhagen at day one of DTW Ignite, June 18th, on Stage C, by Simon Norton, Head of Digital Networks & OSS (Europe & International Networks) at Vodafone, and Carla Penedo, Head of Offers Development and Innovation at Celfocus.

Celfocus's commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and customer-centric approach is essential to becoming a growing force in the UK market. By showcasing its prowess in delivering client business outcomes using production-ready Data and Cognitive solutions, Celfocus continues to reinforce its position as a trusted technology partner of choice.

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