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ESG Policy

As an IT value driven player, focused on analytics+, we are committed to leverage our business model to work towards the reduction of the impact of climate change. We want to ensure the long-term sustainability of our company while prioritizing the interests of our talent and clients and all our stakeholders.

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Take actions against climate change and transitioning into a net zero business: we want to continue to increase our fleet with plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Embrace circular economy principles through the promotion of recycling and resource reduction: increased the awareness of our stakeholders for circular economy principles and implemented a Centralized Management System to control operating times.

Drive the shift towards a low-carbon economy by assisting our clients in fulfilling their environmental commitments: Novabase works daily together with its clients to help them transitioning into a low-carbon business.

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Continuously prioritize our talent by providing an unparalleled experience that nurtures their growth and cultivates the skills of the future: We accelerate the professional and personal development of our employees by seamlessly combining growth opportunities derived from work challenges with community-based learning and structured training.

Foster a work environment that embraces diversity, inclusivity and the flexibility of a hybrid work model: For us, maintaining a hybrid working model with a 40% office work and 60% remote work split represents a balanced approach that provides a dual benefit of flexibility and inclusivity.

Actively contribute to digital inclusion within our communities, ensuring everyone has equal access and opportunities: Celfocus is dedicated and strongly committed to promoting education, equal opportunities and fostering mutual respect, irrespective of factors like ethnicity, gender, religion, beliefs, social background, or sexual orientation.

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Always maintain the highest ethical principles: In the pursuit of our duties and in its exercise, Novabase Group, its management, its legal representatives, and its employees is bound by strict compliance with the law and the highest ethical principles all time and in all geographies where we operate.

Promote diversity and responsible governance: At Novabase, we believe in equal opportunities and mutual respect, and these principles are also applied to our statutory bodies and stakeholders.

Keep data, identity, and organization secure: as an IT value driven player, Novabase constantly works to achieve the best data protection and cybersecurity values.