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20 Years of Delivering High-Value B2B Customer Experiences Case Study

20 Years of Delivering High-Value B2B Customer Experiences Case Study

Service Navigator is now part of the Celfocus Business Services Platform (BSP), providing enterprise customers with a unified B2B service solution for end-to-end order orchestration and managed services.

With global digitalisation and larger partner ecosystems comes the greater challenge of efficiently serving business customers. The 5G opportunity and next-generation business innovations will further require a leap change in products and services customisation capabilities to address the enterprise market demand.

The Challenge

CSPs need to deliver and support end-to-end business solutions to customers while efficiently managing a growing partner ecosystem. This positioning requires comprehensive control of that ecosystem, where processes involve different teams and partners and frequently demand multiple manual hops over siloed systems and scattered data.

To thrive in B2B and be a partner for Enterprise customers, CSPs need to:

  • 1. Adjust value propositions flexibly and deliver solutions to customers’ needs.
  • 2. Engage and coordinate multiple internal and external parties involved in enterprise solutions.
  • 3. Ensure data and system consistency despite changes during negotiation and delivery.
  • 4. Assure service quality and visibility to each customer, including and especially when third-party services are involved.
  • 5. Provide the customer with good assistance channels and fast responses.
  • 6. Keep a lean service operation over multiple product lines and technologies.
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The Solution

When debating creating a complete B2B solution to address enterprise market demands, one example stands out for setting the tone for all its competitors – Vodafone Service Navigator. This end-to-end B2B solution revolutionised Telco’s enterprise segment in the 2000s, when it was first created, and has been considered an example worth following ever since. Service Navigator impacted several Vodafone OpCos businesses and has been responsible for earning and maintaining many enterprise customers and defining the rules of a unified, transparent, and efficient B2B solution.

Knowing the importance of learning from past experiences, Celfocus created Business Services Platform (BSP), an upgraded version of Service Navigator, capable of responding to current-day challenges while remaining scalable for those the future may hold and maintaining the core benefits that provided vital business benefits for CSPs over the years.

Overview of Telcos' Managed Services for the Enterprise Customer

According to Loes Tjerkstra, Manager B2B Customer Success Management, VodafoneZiggo, “For customers, Service Navigator is a reason for doing business with us. This solution offers them efficiency, transparency and a reason to be willing to have VodafoneZiggo manage their equipment. Our relationship with enterprise customers really improved thanks to Service Navigator. We would not even have some B2B customers if we didn’t provide them with this solution.”

Service Navigator provided benefits for several Vodafone OpCos, improving how they worked internally and the relationships with their enterprise customers.

The solution’s key advantages:

  • Proactive monitoring – The operator can detect and start fixing a problem or anomaly before the customer refers it.
  • Saving costs and increasing productivity – The operator can grow and support a large customer base without having to drastically scale-up teams.
  • Transparency – Customers can manage and view their network on a real-time basis and in an easy and presentable way, promoting trust, efficiency and better communication between the customer and the operator.
  • Single source strategy – The operator has a single IT system that manages all data, orders and inventory, preventing duplication and error, which can be integrated with external systems to automate specific tasks.
  • Partner Interactions – Field service partners can handle work orders from the operator for order fulfilment, service changes or fault resolution. The operator can further issue and manage orders to external service providers for wholesaled fixed access. Resellers can access the customer portal and manage their customer base services.
  • Reporting – The operator can extract multiple reports and see what has been performed by who and at what speed, pinpointing any issues in a specific delivery or order and correcting them.

The Future with Celfocus Business Services Platform

Service Navigator has been revamped to improve user experience, and the underlying technology has been modernised for a microservices architecture and readied for cloud deployment, providing its customers with much more flexibility and scalability. Investment has also been made regarding its documentation and increased automated test coverage for better quality assurance.

By leveraging proven technologies and frameworks used in other Celfocus solutions, the new version of the product is now an integral part of Celfocus’s Business Services Platform (BSP), a backbone for Celfocus’s B2B2X solutions. The new platform extends the underlying Service Navigator capabilities, keeping all the built business benefits while introducing key usability improvements for day-to-day operational efficiency.

Ultimately, Celfocus BSP is a platform that enables digital transformation and evolution, simultaneously improving journeys and processes for customers, partners and internal users.

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