Digital foundations crossroads

July 17, 2019
Digital foundations crossroads
When the subject is Digital everybody stands up. It is like a magical enchanted co-sign. But being and thinking Digital is a whole different ball game.


At Celfocus, we help customers go Digital by creating the right foundations in a faster and smoother way, but sometimes we find ourselves at crossroads.

How can that be?... It should be simple. But it isn’t, mostly because CSPs have several drives:

  • Channel owners (USSD, mobile app, web selfcare, e-commerce/marketplace)
  • Systems of Record (SOR) owners (CRM, OM, billing, BI)
  • Digital teams’ owners

All of them intend to provide a better experience based on transformational change, as well as they all have their own “power”: the channels engage with the customer, the SOR manage their personal and invoicing data and Digital teams have a true drive for change to be embraced. These are the crossroads we face when bringing a true Digital governance to life.

At Celfocus, we believe in starting from the basics, building strong Digital foundations, bringing cloud native solutions to create and facilitate the journeys, binding SOR’s information, enabling a Digital product catalogue and spicing it up with a full analytics vision. However, it is much more than this in fact, but these are already a challenge to set-up. When you have a strong foundation it is easier to build a good house and the same applies to the Digital layer.

On top of this, there is still a true challenge to bringing all the different owners together for this common goal. Here lies the intrinsic challenge of change: driving everyone in the organization to think Digital right from the start.

At Celfocus, we strongly believe we know how to approach it, as we have already supported many clients change and grow into Digital and we have the tools to enable it (namely CELFOCUS Omnichannel), the knowledge to back them up and a valuable and experienced team.  

Even so, I find it paramount to keep thinking and breathing Digital and ensuring the foundations right from start rather than as aftermath on a posterior phase down the road. A successful Digital path is achieved when both these ingredients and the strategic vision are in place and the path and guidance of all owners point in the same direction.

These crossroads are not easy to spot sometimes. All you need are strong and coherent Digital foundations and the will to change and embrace Digital as I believe we do at Celfocus.

Learn more about Celfocus’ solution for a consistent Digital customer journey, regardless of the touchpoint on this White Paper.





Written by
Tiago Silva
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