Delivering cutting-edge services with TV Operations Portal

February 1, 2024
Delivering cutting-edge services with TV Operations Portal
Streamline TV operations, revolutionise Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), and effortlessly manage content with our all-in-one solution.


TV Operations Portal is an innovative platform that enables remote management of client’s devices, delivery of services, application of configurations, and troubleshooting of technical issues in real-time, ensuring that the unique needs of various stakeholders and implementations across diverse geographies are catered.

The evolution of the Communication Service Providers’ (CSPs) Digital TV journey has been remarkable. Over the years, CSPs have continuously adapted and expanded their operations across various markets. Their television services have undergone significant changes and now play a pivotal role in their service portfolio. To efficiently support their TV operations, CSPs identified the need for a solution to address the challenges faced by their Customer Care and Operations teams. This included managing a diverse range of TV content, ensuring seamless integration with client devices to achieve more efficient and expedited troubleshooting, and providing customers with quicker and improved solutions to their problems, guaranteeing client satisfaction.

In response, CSPs sought a revolutionary TV portal — a comprehensive front-end console to remotely manage devices, with TV backend components and third-party service elements. This journey marked a significant milestone in CSPs’ Digital TV evolution, showcasing their commitment to delivering cutting-edge services in the telecommunications industry.


Vodafone Group Case Study

The Challenge

Vodafone Group operates in diverse markets and regions, each one with a unique television ecosystem. Adapting a single tool to address this diversity represented a significant challenge. For this reason, Vodafone needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate and manage this complexity of ecosystems.

Seamless integration with a wide range of client devices and set-top boxes was paramount. Each device had its unique technical specifications and compatibility requirements. The tool needed to handle increasing demands while maintaining high performance and reliability, even under peak usage scenarios. The tool required a balance between robust functionality and an intuitive, user-friendly interface for its Operations team, which was essential to delivering a positive customer experience. Customisation was also vital to meet the unique requirements and preferences of different regions within the Vodafone Group. Lastly, implementing robust security was a top priority to safeguard against data breaches or unauthorised access.

Addressing these multifaceted challenges from a CSP perspective requires a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach. To overcome these hurdles, Vodafone Group, once again, collaborated with Celfocus in the development of its TV Portal. Celfocus’s skilled team, with a deep in-house knowledge of Vodafone TV’s infrastructure, provided a groundbreaking solution that would redefine the digital TV experience for its Operations team and its customers.

The Solution

The Vodafone TV Portal, developed directly within the AWS cloud infrastructure, is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionise remote management operations. At its core, the Portal focuses on Authentication, Authorisation & User Management, ensuring robust security and controlled access.




In the backdrop, the Vodafone TV Portal boasts a versatile set of modules and interfaces that empower operations to seamlessly execute a wide range of desired tasks. This comprehensive solution provides a unified Management Frontend, serving as the default operations console for diverse OpCos and environments, all managed within a single deployment.

The implemented solution encompasses a variety of critical functionalities:

  • Device Management: The TV Portal excels in managing a variety of set-top-box (STB) devices, streamlining the configuration and monitoring process.
  • Channel Lineup Management: The portal simplifies the management of channel lineups, frequencies, and regions, enabling agile adjustments to meet changing customer preferences.
  • Billing Identifier Mapping: The TV Portal simplifies billing identifier mapping for OTT services, such as Netflix subscriptions, enhancing billing accuracy and efficiency.

Celfocus was able to build this comprehensive solution that not only streamlines TV operations but also empowers Vodafone Group to adapt to evolving market demands, all within the secure and scalable AWS cloud environment.

Project in a Nutshell

  • 2 OpCos already live and 5 ready to be launched
  • Over 1.300 end users
  • Over 5.500 remote requests per month  
  • Project Solutions: Amazon AWS and Java
  • Project Technologies: AWS EKS, AWS EC2, Amazon SQS, Amazon ECR, Amazon IoT Core, Amazon S3, Amazon Cognito, React, Node, Spring Boot and Presto


Through the TV Portal, Vodafone Group and its OpCos gained transformative operational visibility and improved customer support. This remote tool swiftly troubleshoots client devices and TV platforms. Key benefits include substantial OpEx reduction, streamlining of workflows, and optimal resource allocation. Efficiency leads to cost reduction, boosting sustainability and competitiveness.

Accelerated issue resolution minimises customer inconvenience and increases NPS with over 65% of issues resolved remotely by Customer Support teams, where Hard, Soft and DRM resets are commonly employed.

Furthermore, the potential of the TV Portal is dynamic, adapting to growing telecommunications needs. Its modular design allows seamless integration of new features, enhancing adaptability and relevance. As CSPs expand, the tool extends its benefits across the organisation, ensuring consistent operational support.

The TV Portal is a dynamic asset, meeting current and future challenges, and empowering Vodafone Group and other CSPs to excel in a changing industry.







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