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Vodafone Ireland: An IT Architecture Perspective Case Study

Vodafone Ireland: An IT Architecture Perspective Case Study

Vodafone Ireland’s digital transformation journey has enabled it to accelerate the delivery of innovative and convergent solutions through a myriad of seamlessly integrated channels, both assisted and non-assisted.

The Irish telecommunications market is one of the most competitive in the western world, with a very high penetration rate and more than 40 suppliers covering different segments. Differentiation through innovation is pivotal to ensure customer loyalty and business survival.

As CSPs worldwide move towards strengthening their role as a value-added partner for customers and enterprises by purveying a complete offering that includes mobile, broadband, fixed line and television, Vodafone Ireland wanted to extend its market leadership and innovation streak.

To adjust to a new market dynamic, driven by new customer needs and more aggressive competition, Vodafone Ireland embarked on a digital transformation journey – covering all customer touchpoints and with a profound impact on the core CRM and billing systems, and reducing go-to-market times for new products and services by 80%.

The Challenge

How to be more agile, deliver great customer experiences and reduce product and service go-to-market across different customer segments?

Addressing this need entailed a complete overhaul of Vodafone Ireland’s business model and IT architecture. The digital transformation was anchored in three main building blocks:

  • Digital First;
  • Business Model Simplification;
  • Automation;

These building blocks were pivotal in driving efforts and defining priorities, ensuring alignment between all stakeholders and a sense of purpose regarding the defined objectives.

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The Solution

Building on the virtualisation principle, Vodafone Ireland designed a reference IT architecture defining a clear demarcation between Systems of Engagement and System of Record. At the core of this architecture is Celfocus Digital Overlay framework, playing a determinant role in reaching out to the business teams and in fulfilling their new demands.

Celfocus Digital Overlay Architecture was the first step towards fully embracing digital. It consists of a phased approach that paves the way to digital architecture and is instantiated through CELFOCUS Omnichannel Core.

Vodafone Ireland IT Architecture

CELFOCUS Omnichannel is a telco-oriented solution, developed to ensure a consistent customer journey, regardless of the touchpoint. Know more about this product here.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel Core is the foundation for a truly omnichannel experience and acts as the backbone for many customer touchpoints across different devices and channels. It’s the central component of a holistic and transformative channel architecture which enhances customer experience by eliminating the software silos when customers interact with the company.


This module played a central role in articulating different requests for Systems of Engagement and System of Record, delivering:

  1. Business virtualisation;
  2. All customer processes available on all channels;
  3. Open architecture enablement;
  4. Performance;
  5. Consolidation of fragmented back-end systems;
  6. Cross-channel process continuity;
  7. Capability augmentation.

Vodafone Ireland’s IT architecture approach allowed for a truly digital transformation by combining the implementation of a digital overlay using CELFOCUS Omnichannel with a full BSS stack transformation to adjust and prepare the organisation to maintain its leadership in delivering a rich and diverse product portfolio with a consistent customer experience across all channels.

The digital overlay implemented by CELFOCUS Omnichannel Core was pivotal in contributing to establishing a modern and open architecture where business teams have the necessary flexibility and openness, and the IT organisation has the required control, reliability and robustness.

Project in a nutshell

Vodafone Ireland’s Digital Transformation Project:

  • Largest in the company’s history;
  • Billing Systems decommissioning: 25;
  • Remaining System’s availability: increased by 75%;
  • New Products & Services go-to-market time: increased by 80%.

About Vodafone Ireland:

  • Founded in: 2001;
  • HQ: Ireland;
  • # of mobile subscribers: 2.3 million.

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