STC selects MATRIXX Software, Celfocus and STC Solutions to power Jawwy

January 22, 2020
STC selects MATRIXX Software, Celfocus and STC Solutions to power Jawwy
A modern architecture design to improve agility and autonomy.


Saudi Telecom Company (STC), a world-class digital leader, announced it is partnering with MATRIXX Software to drive continued growth for its Jawwy brand. STC Solutions is the prime contractor for this project and system integrator (SI) Celfocus has been selected for delivery.

As a digital-first solution, Jawwy represents the future in consumer mobility by delivering a rich and unique customer experience, anchored on a future-ready 5G digital stack capable of powering digital customer engagement at scale.

By deploying the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform, Jawwy will have the ability to digitalize customer engagement, simplify customer journeys and provide better and more comprehensive experiences. STC recognized the importance of evolving the Jawwy offerings to keep pace with their mobile-savvy customers. MATRIXX has proven success bringing customers into production quickly and cost-effectively, thereby enabling providers to launch tailored products and services.

STC Solutions (STCS) will be leading the engagement by overseeing all phases of this digital transformation project and ensuring its success. STCS’s unique values and strong commitment will enable Jawwy to improve its operational performance, better serve its customers and explore avenues for growth in the telecom and other industries. STCS is the KSA IT services market leader for four consecutive years, as per leading industry analyst firm IDC. STCS is at the forefront of reshaping the IT landscape in Saudi Arabia by helping organizations from all industries to realize their potential.

Designed and built for the modern era, the multi-patented, award-winning MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform enables a digital-first reinvention of telco. Harnessing a cloud native architecture, it allows operators to scale a new generation of services quickly and effectively while ensuring the high availability of distributed systems. Built to scale for digital, 5G and IoT services, the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform provides operators the agility and elasticity needed to compete and win now and in the future.


Supporting Quotes

“In line with the Saudi Vision 2030, digital evolution is a key pillar; hence; it is at the core of our technology strategy. Such evolution is intended to build the digital foundation for the different lines of businesses. We have built a dedicated stack to serve the Jawwy digital brand in order to lift up the quality of services and meet the rising expectations of our consumer — the Saudi youth segment. As part of our commitment to providing the best innovative services, we are partnering with MATRIXX, Celfocus and STC Solutions to further modernize the Jawwy technical stack by establishing more digital enablers and extending the openness of the Jawwy platform to support further growth while further enriching our customers’ experience.” Haitham Alfaraj, Senior Vice President of Technology and Operations, STC

“As the digital era rapidly evolves, together with STC Technology, we continue to enhance our platform architecture through an extensive transformation of our digital channels and integration via a modern architecture designed to benefit from greater agility, openness and autonomy. To further enhance our customer experience, Jawwy is focused on better platform performance with modern billing and charging, openness, adoption of a multi-speed architecture, partnership enablers and platform security. This innovative engagement enables us to embark on this journey, while also adopting new solutions and technologies with world-class partners and alliances to take our customer experience to the next level; thus, affirming STC’s commitment to remain a trendsetter in the region.” – Hany Aboushady, CTO, Jawwy

“There is no doubt we are living the digital evolution era. Our government has identified the digital component as a key pillar in Vision 2030 for a better quality of life. The private sector players strive to offer the best digital experiences to their customers. STCS is committed to providing innovative digital services to our customers. We are very proud to be leading Jawwy digital transformation engagement that will give our customers a world-class experience. We are confident that, with STC, Celfocus and MATRIXX, this unique engagement will result in a model project in the region.” – Omer Alnomany, CEO, STC Solutions

“Celfocus’ participation in this innovative and ambitious program aims at delivering an extensive transformation of Jawwy’s digital channels and integration. With a modern architecture design, Jawwy’s business teams will benefit from greater agility and autonomy while ensuring the efficiency and reliability required by technology teams.” – Paulo Trigo, CEO, Celfocus

“Partnering with STC, STCS and Celfocus to transform Jawwy’s offerings to provide their customers with a truly mobile experience is an exciting opportunity. To successfully compete in today’s market, mobile operators have to offer their customers creativity, control and transparency. We are proud to be at the core of Jawwy’s commitment to providing its customers with a truly innovative digital service.” Dave Labuda, Founder and CEO, MATRIXX Software


About Celfocus

Celfocus is a fast-growing, global high-tech company with a reputation for developing and implementing successful projects and solutions that drive business value for the telecommunications industry.

By combining a deep business knowledge with the understanding of different technologies, while never losing sight of the customer experience, Celfocus built a reputation leveraged on an unexcelled track record.

Serving clients in 25+countries, Celfocus helps organizations transform their businesses in order to improve competitive positioning and ultimately their performance.

About STC Solutions

STC Solutions is a customer-centric company supporting large business organizations, as well as government institutions to design, build, and manage flexible, scalable, and secure information infrastructure environments in a way so that they deliver tangible business outcomes to STC Solutions’ clients. At STC Solutions, we are passionate about delivering excellence through leveraging our dedicated talents and advanced technologies to provide quality and reliable, end-to-end Information Technology solutions that offer the utmost value to our clients and the society.

About MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software provides next-generation, cloud native digital commerce solutions that transform how companies do business. Serving many of the world’s largest communications companies, IoT players and emerging digital service providers, MATRIXX is committed to delivering a modern commerce platform that easily scales to support global marketplaces and consumption-based services. Through its relentless commitment to product excellence and customer success, MATRIXX empowers businesses to reinvent themselves and succeed as digital leaders.

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