CELFOCUS Omnichannel: Integrated solutions for seamless and unified customer experiences across multiple channels.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel

Connectivity has deeply changed how we interact with others

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A telco oriented solution, developed to ensure a consistent customer journey, regardless of the touchpoint. It covers sales and customer care scenarios for Assisted Channels (shops, call centres, partners, and field engineers) and Non-Assisted channels (eShop and self-care), supported by a common and smart platform, for a seamless cross-channel experience.

Business Scenario

Catering to the Digital Customer

Digital Mentality

Always online

Convenience, a seamless cross-channel experience

CSPs' Challenges

Operational efficiency through cost reduction

Fragmented customer experience

Touchpoints dealt as silos

Who benefits the most

Digital Transformation

Their goal is to bring the customer experience to the digital age and function as an enabler and facilitator for transformation within the CSPs. CELFOCUS Omnichannel covers multiple channels and provides customers with a seamless and effortless experience.

Customer and Retail Operations

Addressing the complexity and diversity of physical stores, this team looks for solutions supporting interface layer standardization and providing customers with a truly omnichannel experience. With an intuitive and easy to learn process-oriented interface, agents won’t need anything else other than CELFOCUS Omnichannel.

Head of IT

Looking for agility and speed without having to change the whole back-end infrastructure, the Head of IT values products with a high degree of adaptability and innovation. Developed for telcos with a rich library of out-of-the-box processes, CELFOCUS Omnichannel delivers solid results in less time.

Our Approach

CELFOCUS Omnichannel

omnichannel | Celfocus

Assisted Channels

Direct is a powerful solution that covers complex shop, call centre and field engineer scenarios.
Indirect is the right tool to expand your retail processes to your partners.

Non-Assisted Channels

eCommerce is a “do it yourself, any time” digital shopping experience that simplifies decisions.
Self-Service is a self-service tool that stores customer history and status.


is the smart foundation for a seamless Omnichannel experience.


Product Catalogue consolidates a single view on product catalogue for all CELFOCUS Omnichannel touchpoints by leveraging the integration with the centralized product catalogue solution.
provides a comprehensive view of what is happening, from a business and system perspective by delivering a set of telco specific KPIs.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel Journey

Delighting customers with great service


The holistic coverage of all touchpoints and decoupling of frontends and backend allows CSPs to out-execute their competitors and reduce time to market of new products and services. CELFOCUS Omnichannel has proven, time and time again, to be effective and pivotal in the digital transformation journey by:

  • Covering all customer touchpoints in different devices and channels, enabling CSPs of all sizes to drive operations with low effort and great simplicity.
  • Escalating sales and customer support coverage and, at the same time, controlling what type of information is exposed to competitors, through a partner specific set of process libraries.
  • Enabling first time resolution by delivering Telco out-of-the-box processes designed to provide agents with end-to-end control in a single system. A 360º customer view combined with a timeline view helps agents recognize customers and clarify questions quickly.
  • Promoting channel agility and reuse by keeping processes independent from channels, allowing changing and implementing business requirements in a single layer and pushing them to the different channels.
  • Improving workforce performance by streamlining processes and decision cycles across the different channels but never losing sight of their unique characteristics.
  • Embedding analytics delivers a set of KPIs, which provides a comprehensive view of what is happening from a business and system perspective.
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