Data Monetisation: Unlocking the value of data for revenue generation and business opportunities.

Data Monetisation

   Enabling Business Value with Analytics &
Location Intelligence

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Data holds infinite possibilities and is at the heart of business transformation. Therefore, by democratising its access, Celfocus helps companies undercover data value and turn data insights into competitive advantage.

Business Scenario

Digital transformation and digital presence are now mandatory for almost any company, with digital experiences creating differentiating factors for customer engagement, and data-driven decisions at the top of enterprises’ priorities to unlock new opportunities, stay competitive, and grow their businesses.

By moving beyond traditional connectivity and enabling innovative digital technologies on 5G, IoT, cloud and Edge services across industries, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are helping business customers progress and thrive towards a better-connected future and digital society.

Further to the investment in next-generation connectivity, CSPs are investing in Big Data capabilities to enable data-driven insights based on the vast amounts of data flowing through their networks. Such insights are also of high value for CSP’s customers. When properly analysed, data can help businesses make both strategic and tactical decisions, understand customer behaviours and preferences, provide unique experiences, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

With the CSP’s aggregating access to 5-8x more user data information with their service subscribers than any other internet company, distinguishing use cases can be delivered to improve business. Not only does every smartphone run on a CSP network, but a significant part of IoT devices do as well.

Use Cases

Public Sector – SmartCities

Enable smart city solutions, efficient urban planning, energy or water management, public transport planning, air quality, traffic, or road safety improvements with the people mobility analytics insights that the solution can provide about citizens in near real-time and across all locations.

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Use Cases

Entertainment & Sports – Events management

Better understand the audience and make decisions based on near-real-time self-explaining dashboards and reports that inform people’s mobility flows. Define an efficient security or transportation plan and optimise each event layout with CSP’s valuable insights.

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Use Cases

Ports & Airports – Tourism Impact

Find out where people's mobility and tourism pressure are coming from, understanding their mobility profiles and their impact on surrounding businesses. Leverage partnerships, increase customers’ experience with customised products and services or optimise the supply chain to boost the business.

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Use Cases

Real Estate & Retail – Investment Selection

Determine the best location for investments, based on the best mobility analytic insights. Understand what type of customers circulate in the surrounding areas and select the best location according to the customer behaviour profiles you want to reach. Gain valuable insights for geo-marketing campaigns and optimise the investments.

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Use Cases

Logistics & Transportation – Supply Chain

Plan and optimise supply chains, fleets or distribution routes, according to the movement trends or seasonal demand peaks detected. Make sure the offerings (products or services) fit clients’ needs at all times, reduce operating costs or improve security to vehicles, occupants, and transported goods.

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Our Approach

How Celfocus is helping Enterprises with Analytics and Location Intelligence

Partnering with CSPs and cloud providers, Celfocus’s solution allows enterprise customers to have access to data and analytics for location intelligence.

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The solution enables establishing and providing data as a product, which can be easily subscribed or opted out by enterprise customers at any given time accordingly to CSP’s defined pricing model. Data can be explored directly in the platform on reports, dashboards, and map visualisations, extracted via data files, or integrated via APIs.

Built on top of a Data Hub that anonymises and aggregates with Big Data techniques and Cloud processing power, all insights provided run in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations, which means that no individuals can be identified or contacted.

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The solution can be extended to address every enterprise customer’s needs, integrating their own data, and allowing for additional customised analytics for increased dedicated business value.


Democratising the access to location intelligence
Providing Enterprise customers with
Leveraging CSP’s data ecosystem to provide
Alongside the CSP that brings the ground-base value
for location intelligence, Celfocus’s solution provides
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