Celfocus selected for Jawwy’s digital boost

September 10, 2019
Celfocus selected for Jawwy’s digital boost
Partnering with STC Solutions, Celfocus will support Jawwy’s digital next-level journey.


An always-on, real-time digital world has set the pace in the Telecommunications industry and customers have higher expectations from their service provider than ever before, such as service personalization according to behaviors and preferences, consistency across channels and speed and agility to address their needs.  

In this environment, STC Group, the leadingTelecom provider in Saudi Arabia, launched Jawwy in 2016, a digital-native brandtargeted at tech-savvy young subscribers who can build, manage and share theirmobile plan at their fingertips. The complete control over the services theybuy and use through the app dismisses calling customer service or visiting astore, providing a truly digital experience every step of the way.

Aiming for a next-level technological upgrade to meet both market and customers’ expectations, Celfocus was awarded with the transformation of customer digital channels and integration, bearing agility, efficiency and reliability in mind.

“At STC Solutions, we are very proud to be partnering with Celfocus, in an aim to further enhance brand Jawwy and widen its horizon and digital capabilities. Our mission is to continuously be leading the digital transformation market in the Kingdom, by using our unique vision and extended expertise in digital services. We believe that with Celfocus we can bring the maximum value for our customers and provide them with world-class experience.”, states Ayman Abdelfattah, Sales Director at STC Solutions.

With an extensive experience in supporting CSPs’ digital transformation processes, Celfocus looks forward to embracing this project, which reinforces its presence in the Middle East.


Figure 1 – Contract celebration at GITEX Technology Week 2019 in Dubai, UAE
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