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CELFOCUS Business Services Platform

 Taking B2B Services into the Digital Omnichannel Space

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CELFOCUS Business Services Platform seamlessly integrates B2B operations across diverse product lines, facilitating standard and bespoke business solutions.

Business Scenario

The 5G opportunity and next-generation business innovations bring a major shift in how Communication Service Providers (CSPs) address the enterprise market demand.

CSPs will need to increasingly manage a complex ecosystem of partners differently, delivering and supporting end-to-end business solutions to customers.

This new positioning will require comprehensive control of the B2B ecosystem, where processes involving different teams and partners demand multiple manual hops over siloed systems and scattered data.

CSPs will need different approaches to tackle the most common challenges, from a typical B2B ecosystem:

  • Long lead time to find information, compromising customer experience and business opportunities;
  • Error-proneness in fulfilling complex, long-running orders and managing B2B logistics resulting in financial leaks;
  • Reactiveness to service incidents, impacting contractual SLAs and satisfaction.

Our Approach

How Celfocus is helping Enterprises with BSP

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With CELFOCUS Business Services Platform (BSP), Celfocus unifies B2B operations across product lines, while supporting bespoke business solutions and facilitating the evolution of enterprise delivery automation. The platform is responsible for scaling up the delivery and support of tailored products and services to business customers within a partner ecosystem.

Celfocus services Platform

The main features of CELFOCUS BSP are the following:

1. Ability to manage and track the delivery of Bespoke Enterprise Solutions adapted to market needs and demand

This has been the norm for large enterprises and is now the need for almost all business segments under digital transformation.

2. Fast response to tight and complex SLAs

BSP can respond to tight contractual SLAs for enterprise customers on complex managed solutions that depend on third parties.

3. Efficiently manage interactions and finances across a growing ecosystem of partners

This is critical to respond to market expectations and to be a successful and profitable Enterprise solution.

From an architectural perspective, BSP can run independently or integrate with existing BSS/OSS for a fast consolidation of the digital experience for front/back-office teams and customers, from commerce to fulfilment, assurance, and support.

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Case Study

20 Years of Delivering High-Value B2B Customer Experiences

When debating creating a complete B2B solution to address enterprise market demands, one example stands out for setting the tone for all its competitors – Vodafone Service Navigator. This end-to-end B2B solution revolutionised Telco’s enterprise segment in the 2000s, when it was first created, and has been considered an example worth following ever since.

Knowing the importance of learning from past experiences, Celfocus created Business Services Platform (BSP) as an upgraded version of Service Navigator, capable of responding to current-day challenges while remaining scalable for those the future may hold and maintaining the core benefits that provided vital business benefits for CSPs over the years.

Delve deeper into the Case Study and learn more about the twenty years of history of this B2B solution, which is now an integral part of the CELFOCUS Business Services Platform.


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Increase customer satisfaction
Improve user journeys and processes
Overlay approach to transformation
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