Presenting a data-centric proposition to customers

January 27, 2021
Presenting a data-centric proposition to customers
Celfocus is excited to be part of the development of Clear Mobile, Vodafone Ireland’s new mobile operator.


To respond to an increasing customer demand for more value-added, flexible and data-centric propositions, especially among younger generations of users, Vodafone Ireland has launched Clear Mobile – a mobile operator that offers calls, texts and “unlimited” data for a competitive price without any contract.

Celfocus supported the development of Clear Mobile’s own website by stepping in for the integration, order capture, customer data and payment processes of the portal on which the website relies.

“For Vodafone, in the context of Covid-19, it felt like the right time to provide more choice for consumers in this space,” said a spokesperson for Vodafone. “It’s a simplified online SIM-only offering that suits the requirements of customers who want a paired back, low-cost option from their mobile provider without all the additional benefits that you get with an operator such as Vodafone.” (in

Learn more about Clear Mobile here.

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