Digitalisation and data-driven operations are critical for the Telco future

June 15, 2021
Digitalisation and data-driven operations are critical for the Telco future
In an interview for Telefónicawatch, Celfocus CEO discusses how OSS are becoming more IT and data-based.


While acknowledging the challenges of putting digital theory into real-world practice, Paulo Trigo highlights that data can be used to improve network efficiency and quality of service, creating more effective systems through automation and additional functions such as self-healing.

Operators must think more nimbly as they engage in strategic transformation programmes, considers Celfocus CEO. IT implementation needs greater influence to enable digital transformation. “The old way of doing things, with network operations centres and a lot of engineers, is going to become unmanageable or too costly”, he says, referring that these capabilities become critical with increasing complexity.

In fact, Agile is more than a buzzword and must be part of a business’s fabric. Smaller, targeted projects give faster and better return than big initiatives that risk obsolescence even before completion.

Transformation needs to be more than an aspiration to track the hyperscaler game‑plan. It requires a deep understanding of the rules of the game – and having the right players. “To play any game, you need to know and understand the strategic components of that game”, Paulo notes. “And the companies that monetise data are hugely IT-driven across management; with depth of knowledge and expertise in leadership”.

Read full interview here.

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