Electronic Signature: Secure and efficient digital signature solutions for streamlined document processes.

Electronic Signature

 Improving Process Digitalisation Lifecycle

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A unique solution to implement and manage a fully digital document signing process, saving time and costs, and improving document traceability and security.

Business Scenario

Many organisations, across different industries and geographies, have started their digital transformation journey due to the need to keep up with trends, improve operational efficiency or provide customers and other stakeholders with what they come to expect from, mainly, digital native organisations.

The digital transformation can include reinventing the business model, simplifying the product portfolio or rethinking processes to improve communication and productiveness.

In process digitalisation a weak point is the need to collect signatures. In banking, for example, customers many times need to visit a branch to sign the contract for the new credit card they applied for online, making the process inefficient and time consuming. Other downsides can be related to: missing signatures; copies on all signed documents; compliance risk and significative administrative burden; difficulty in bringing everyone together at a signing ceremony; physical archive, among many others.

What If There Was Another Way To Tackle This Challenge?

Digital signatures are safer to use and provide greater control over who signs, when and how signatures are performed, enabling full auditability on the document lifecycle and allowing the dematerialisation of business processes.

There are several electronic signature solutions available in the market, but few fully cover the requirements already described. Celfocus eSign provides a rich set of functionalities to adapt to a diverse variety of use cases, providing native integration to a plethora of systems, ensuring the highest security standards and compliance with the most common regulations.

Our Approach

Celfocus eSign

Celfocus eSign is a cloud or on-premises solution to manage processes that require digital signatures. It delivers great user experience, by providing real-time signing moments between stakeholders, reducing the abandonment of acquiring a new product or subscribing to a new service.

The solution provides a unified toolkit for all digital signing needs: from document creation (e.g. contracts) to all the necessary steps (individual signature of all parties involved such as Customers, Guarantor, Company Employee/Representative, Customer Legal Representative), centralising all options into one platform.

 E-sign | Celfocus

When we need to sign a document, the solution creates a PDF that requires the signature of all relevant parties. It guarantees that signatures are captured correctly and in the order defined for a specific document/journey (e.g. only after a Customer has signed can the Company Representative sign). The relevant signature data (signature crop, biometric data) can be captured and stored for future use (e.g. signature comparison).

Electronic Signature | Celfocus

The use of microservices allows seamless integration with the organisation's APIs, such as archiving signed documents in the Company's Digital Repository and sending Emails and SMS with the Company’s receipt email. It supports the possibility of representing the organisation’s organic structure so that all users, that share the same position, can see and sign the documents associated.

Furthermore, as collecting and managing signatures demands a high level of adaptability to the organisation’s business model, Celfocus eSign provides a comprehensive set of possibilities to capture signatures, understanding for each process which one is more appropriate: Handwritten; Click2Sign; Transcription; Qualified Certificates; Smartcard; USB Tokens; OTP; Two Factor Signature or Custom.

Celfocus eSign Journey Flow

In a stand-alone solution, the agent in Celfocus eSign frontend creates a new Journey and selects the Journey Type - the Journey Data Form is presented and the agent needs to fill it out before saving the Journey. Only after the relevant data is inserted, the Journey can be created, and the documents generated, signed.

The selected Journey Type identifies the Customer Journey Flow to be followed. This may include a single document to be signed by the Customer and the Company’s Representative or allow Customers to sign remotely. If the next step requires the Company’s representative signature, a notification will be sent and, upon accessing the Celfocus eSign Solution, the document will be available for signing.

After all relevant parties have signed the document, it can be submitted and depending on the existing integrations, Celfocus eSign delivers different outcomes:

  1. Save the document to the Digital Archive;
  2. Send a custom email to the Customer with the attached signed documents;
  3. Integrate with the Company’s systems to notify that documents are signed, and the process can follow to an additional platform (e.g. Onboarding).

These outcomes are dependent on the APIs provided by the Company and the configuration of micro-services in the Celfocus eSign Solution.

After all relevant parties have signed the document, it can be submitted and depending on the existing integrations, Celfocus eSign delivers different outcomes:

Electronic Signature journey | Celfocus


Celfocus eSign was developed to fit any process that requires signature collection. It was developed with organisations’ specific needs and business logic in mind.

  • Save Time and Costs;
  • Multiple Signing Options;
  • Fully Extendable;
  • Compliant with European Regulation;
  • Improve Business Processes;
  • Real-Time Signing;
  • Fully Auditable;
  • Blends in Your UI.
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