CELFOCUS Order Management: Advanced solutions for efficient and optimized order processing.

CELFOCUS Order Management

The Spinal Cord of CSPs Mastering Internal and External Customer Requests

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The master orchestrator that maps, sequences and fulfills any enterprise’s application request.

It has the ability to map business oriented complex processes, break them into specific technical processes that are thereafter ready for automation and system synchronization. This orchestration allows any operator to quickly access information on any given step of the fulfillment order that was previously initiated.

Business Scenario

Looking at the Bottom of the Iceberg

Deal with thousands of orders daily

Ensure orders are delivered on time

Provide visibility on order status to all stakeholders

The Spinal Cord of CSPs

Understand the order idiosyncrasies

Push orders to be executed and provisioned by the different systems

Transversal impact across the different systems

Who benefits the most

IT Architects

This team is concerned with how the different systems are integrated and the overall IT architecture. CELFOCUS Order Management promotes agility by being scenario based and processing all orders, regardless of its nature.

Customer Operations

Ensuring orders are correctly executed, on time, and their status is available at every touchpoint is pivotal for customer operations. CELFOCUS Order Management provides consistency and a 360º process view.

Product Managers

Product Managers need the flexibility to build offers that meet customer expectations without being limited by IT constrains. CELFOCUS Order Management delivers shorter development cycles and requires no coding when introducing new products fulfilment processes.

CELFOCUS Order Management

All orders, all systems, one Order Management Solution.
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Our Approach

CELFOCUS Order Management Journey


Some of the most common benefits offered by CELFOCUS Order Management include:

  1. Faster order design & implementation, transforming any request into a meaningful set of actions - even non-products.
  2. Improved time-to-market with no configurations for most new products.
  3. No downtime required due to its code-free nature.
  4. Increased order tracking and visibility with a 360º view on sequences of actions.
  5. Fast and proactive recovery through a self-healing mechanism.
  6. Simplified channel catalogue featuring orderable products only, with no dependencies between systems.
  7. Reduced operational costs due to integrated management of manual activities, including assignment and SLA monitoring.
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