Intent Orchestration & Automation: Coordinated actions driven by user intent for streamlined and automated workflows.

Intent Orchestration & Automation

 Orchestrating and Automating Actions for Optimal Efficiency

Business ScenarioOur ApproachBenefits

To successfully address efficiency and growth challenges, Telecom operators need to implement revamped Orchestration & Automation architectural approaches.

Business Scenario

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face daily challenges in managing and optimising networks, primarily due to increasing complexity, including virtualisation. To address this, automation has become a prevalent strategy, aiming to boost efficiency and alleviate the pressure on operational teams. At the same time, CSPs are actively seeking new revenue streams, particularly considering the need to grow and the fact that investment in emerging technologies like 5G urgently requires monetisation. 

Successfully addressing efficiency and growth challenges requires Telecom operators to implement revamped Orchestration & Automation architectural approaches that focus on democratising implementations for the people in the organisation, but that also enhance time-to-market (TTM). At the same time, they must be consistently able to launch and deliver seamless service experiences across multiple technology domains, such as 5G slicing.

Our Approach

How Celfocus is helping Enterprises with Intent Orchestration & Automation

Partnering with Celfocus gives access to 20 years of real-world telecom experience in automating and orchestrating systems and networks, as well as to reference solutions and assets that can be used to accelerate the automation of the network services lifecycle, making use of commercial or open-source products available on the market or simply building a solution together.

Celfocus’s Intent Orchestration & Automation Offer presents the following features:

Domain Fault Detection & Remediation (RAN, FTTH)

Automating 1st line SOC/NOC tasks by orchestrating processes that perform troubleshooting and resolutions in the Telco networks to restore normal service levels. These can be synergistically connected to Cognitive Operations insights to achieve Zero-Touch Resolution.

Domain Provisioning & Configuration (RAN, FTTH)

Automating service & resource order provisioning by decomposing and fulfilling complex orders that efficiently activate services and perform parameter setting in devices, while not forgetting the real-world aspects of delivery (field services, etc).

E2E Service Orchestration (RAN, TX, Core, Telco Cloud)

Designing intent-driven cross-domain orchestration solutions and processes for service management to improve time-to-market, launching new services, and promoting synergies between technologies and business units across the service lifecycle.

Tool Rationalisation

Consolidating automation tools into a unified, multi-vendor solution, reducing complexity and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Intelligent Decision Making

Integrating AI/ML capabilities to improve flow decision-taking, thus facilitating proactive optimisation of service and networks (e.g.: how to deploy optimised for cost, latency, speed, etc.).

Celfocus teams bring together highly qualified Platform Engineers, Cloud Engineers, and Network SMEs, providing a blend of technical and business expertise. We also work closely with our customer’s stakeholders, ensuring strategic alignment and smooth implementation, as well as knowledge transfer. 

Our team’s approach follows the following steps:

  • Assessment and Roadmap Planning: Understand business goals and automation maturity, providing an adaptable target blueprint and roadmap with a clear and tangible business value. Gather as-is processes, define high-level alignment with pre-built solution features using Celfocus’s Facilitation Maps, and create high-level solution design. 
  • Setup & MVP: Initial infrastructure and solution setup configuration & MVP integration with network and third-party systems. Joint setup of infrastructure, solution, and connectivity to run the platforms. Base application deployment and integration, implementation of the top critical automation flows, and data analytics. 
  • Evolve: Agile evolution / Devops according to business and technological priorities. Agile teams work tightly with business, network, and IT teams, delivering value continuously, and implementing user journeys for operations improvement with cognitive automation.
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Below are real examples of the benefits achieved together with our customers, using Celfocus’s Intent Orchestration & Automation approaches:

Automation of RAN, FTTH, ADSL & LEO service & resource
fulfilment with real-time dynamic catalogue-driven fulfilment,
full order tracking and visibility with self-healing, quick time-to-
market launching services, 99,95% availability, and increased
scalability for consumer and enterprise customers.
40x effort improvement in 2nd line RAN configuration, through
automated site commissioning and parameter setting, such as
90% error reduction of 2nd line RAN configuration:
By abstracting engineers from network vendor specifics, we
eliminate 90% of configuration errors thus enhancing network
82% zero-touch automation on 1st line RAN Ops, from issue
detection to resolution on network devices, achieving 90% of
MTTD/R improvement.
40% improvement in manual task resolution, using Kanban-based
inboxes and smart tasks that promptly fetch the context details
and provide engineers with the information they need to improve
resolution speed.
25% faster implementation of 5G-ready orchestration: The
solution's catalogue-driven dynamic decomposition enables 25%
faster implementation of a 5G-ready orchestration.
90% reduction in automation refactoring: Encapsulating existing
operations network scripts and standardised BPMN flows into
the solution streamlines automation refactoring, saving time and
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Use Cases

Zero-Touch Network Operations

Setting up or evolving existing automation platforms by integrating them with intelligent assurance/analytics tools to automate service and network insights and close the loop between data analysis and actionable decision-making for self-resolution and continuous network improvement. 

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Use Cases

Intent-Driven & Catalogue-Driven Service Orchestration

Combining order orchestration tools with cutting-edge algorithmics to perform smart decomposition and fulfilment of service orders based on business intent, thus enhancing service delivery efficiency while reducing complexity and TTM to onboard new services.

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Use Cases

Telco Cloud Automation (Demand, Design, and Delivery)

Comprehensive automation covering the entire lifecycle of Telco Cloud, from demand assessment to design and final delivery. Optimises resource utilisation and enhances cloud infrastructure efficiency.

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Use Cases

Telco Cloud & Edge homogenisation and sustainability

Validating and implementing Sylva frameworks to simplify and automate operational models, reduce costs, increase interoperability, promote Telco Cloud layer convergence, and increase security standards.

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Use Cases


Unified automation solution orchestrating multiple existing vendor tools, thus creating a seamless automation experience and abstraction of complexity, supported by an AI decision engine.

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Use Cases

GenAI Automation Copilot for Engineering & Operations

Implementation tailored to answer prompts and questions about automation processes, scripts, service SLAs and task automation, aligned with the Telecom Operator’s blueprint. Ensures the privacy of the operator’s data.

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