Glotel Awards: Celfocus and Vodafone win “IOT initiative of the Year”

December 1, 2023
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Glotel Awards: Celfocus and Vodafone win “IOT initiative of the Year”
Celfocus and Vodafone secured top honors, at the Glotel Awards, winning the "IOT initiative of the Year" category and standing out among a record number of entries.


The Glotel Awards (Global Telecoms Awards), organised by, recognizes innovation and excellence from any company involved in advancing and transforming today's telecoms industry globally. The 11th edition took place in November, in London, where Celfocus and Vodafone won the award for "IOT initiative of the Year", with the project "STEP: Breaking Barriers, Saving Lives - Unleashing Innovation for Enhanced Road Safety".

Celfocus played a key role in supporting Vodafone with the development and evolution of the STEP platform. Designed to transform road safety services in Europe, this cloud-based platform addresses critical issues such as data fragmentation and information silos by fostering collaboration among stakeholders and promoting compatibility with third-party apps and in-vehicle navigation systems.

STEP offers essential road safety features such as Local Hazard warnings, Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Assistance, Road Intersection Assistance, and Infrastructure-to-Vehicle communication. These features are underpinned by advanced technologies like 5G, Edge Computing, and AI, ensuring high-quality, high-reliability, low-latency, scalable, and secure V2X services.  

By establishing a secure and reliable communication channel, the platform supports digital acceleration, facilitates the connected vehicle ecosystem, and contributes to lives saved by optimizing traffic flow, reducing accidents, and promoting efficient mobility.

The Glotel Awards acknowledged Celfocus and Vodafone's commitment to driving advancements in communication technology and improving road safety outcomes. Varsha Khal, Business Innovation and Co-Creation Lead at Vodafone Business, stated "It was an absolute pleasure to share a table at the Glotel Awards with our STEP partners and new friends from Celfocus. Cheers to an award-winning collaboration!"

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