Powering digitalisation for SMEs

July 23, 2020
Powering digitalisation for SMEs
Supported by Celfocus, Vodafone Business has recently launched V-Hub in some European countries.


The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging people and companies, regardless of their size. However, it is particularly affecting businesses with a smaller structure or in a growing process, which are facing considerable revenue shortfalls.    

Aiming to support SMEs in recovering from the Covid-19 impact and in returning to the nearest business as usual, Vodafone Business recently launched V-Hub in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Developed by Celfocus in a remote working context, the service provides companies with access to experts’ online and phone detailed insights and guidance through key topics of a digitalised world, such as digital marketing and security.

Following the Agile delivery approach to accurately fulfil target’s real requirements in exceptional times, Celfocus created four sites (one for each market) under the revamped Vodafone Business Online Portal, also previously delivered by Celfocus, and executed the integration of service functionalities on those sites.

Later in 2020, the service will be expanded to include a community forum for peer-to-peer interaction and an AI-enabled delivery model to acknowledge evolving needs of customers.

“The key to success on this journey was collective customer focus and contribution. Despite the uncertain environment, the team’s adaptability and response were in true culture of Vodafone spirit and were critical to adapt to all the changes throughout the process, finalising in a smooth delivery.”

Saru Deshwal (Digital Marketing Delivery Lead at Vodafone Business IT)

Shall you be interested in getting to know about Vodafone Business Online Portal project, go here to access the Case-study.

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