CordaCon: Unlocking Blockchain, Economy of Things and automated payments

September 13, 2022
CordaCon: Unlocking Blockchain, Economy of Things and automated payments
Save the date and join us on the 2022 edition of CordaCon, taking place in London from 27th to 28th September.


CordaCon 2022, held annually by R3, is a well-known reference for Corda enthusiasts and technology experts, bringing together more than 1000 worldwide financial services leaders, now taking place in person in London. The latest innovations related to the digital asset economy will be discussed by top-tier public and private institutions and pave the way for networking opportunities and a closer look into emerging trends.

Celfocus is an All Star sponsor for the venue and will be sharing the latest experiences and expertise in the area and how this know-how has already supported a tier one telco through a major digital shift, all through a platform capable of connecting, authenticating, automating, and provide an interface for all devices and ecosystems.

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Our take on selling, and trading on the user’s behalf in real-time

The increasing impact of the Economy of Things, 5G, globalization of smart devices, smart houses, and smart cities provides the ideal ecosystem for seamless automated payments, where a decentralized approach and blockchain technology lead the way for a safe, trustworthy connection between connected devices.

IoT devices are now part of the daily lives of many users across the world, filling the gaps of a living ecosystem that turns complex tasks into easy steps – as if the physical device was not even there! This requires a solution that provides an agnostic ecosystem to integrate devices, service providers, and partners for a low-cost, cross-network, and decentralised approach with a great emphasis on security.

Connecting the future with assets as agents

IoT devices and systems are shaping the consumers’ lifestyle as we know it and they no longer belong in “silos” and in isolation. Their broad use created new opportunities and ecosystems that transit from the physical realm into the digital world. Assets and services evolve into Digital Twins or DDI – Decentralised Digital Identities – and become autonomous agents that can be traded as any other online product or service and communicate with each other.

This is where DAB – Digital Asset Broker – technology comes to life. With a wide experience in empowering IoT devices – from smart cars and cameras to sensors and others – with a digital identity through blockchain technology, the main goal is to provide seamless, automated payments for available services. The future relies on laying back, relaxing, and allowing smart devices to process payments for you!

How does it really work?

By removing any middleman, authorities, or third parties, the E2E cycle is digitally integrated through value chains with new possibilities that truly enable the future: machine-to-machine money transfers will become the new normal.  

Vehicle owners, for instance, will be able to charge their electric cars on charging stations and process payments in a seamless way. For this, we need to picture a new kind of wallet… a smart wallet that will carry all processes machine-to-machine.


Where will you find us?

Join us at the venue both on Day 1 (BizDay) and Day 2 (DevDay) to network, share information, gain knowledge, and further trending topics such as Blockchain, EoT, DDI, Automated Payments, and much more.

See you there!

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