Celfocus at the 2022 Telecoms World Middle East

May 26, 2022
Celfocus at the 2022 Telecoms World Middle East
Telling the story of our participation in the evolution of the digital operator – Jawwy by stc


Telecoms World Middle East (TWME) brings together the most innovative minds across the region’s telco industry, covering top trends and technological advances. Celfocus is proud to participate in this year’s event taking place in Dubai to tell the story of a successful partnership with solutions by STC to deliver a highly distributed, decoupled, microservices-based architecture for Jawwy by stc.

On May 25th, all three partners solutions by STC, Jawwy by stc and Celfocus will be taking the stage to share Jawwy’s successful and inspiring story, the journey to the digital evolution as well as the partnership that made it all possible.

In recognition of this innovative project, Celfocus, Solutions by stc and Jawwy by stc have been shortlisted by the TWME for four distinct awards, Best Partnership & Best Digital Transformation Vendor ( Solutions by stc & Celfocus), Best Digital Transformation Operator & Innovation Award Operation (Jawwy by stc).


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