Celfocus at the 2022 Arch Summit

November 9, 2022
Celfocus at the 2022 Arch Summit
Celfocus was present at Arch Summit 2022 as a proud Gold Sponsor. Our team of experts took the opportunity to network, share experiences, and discuss the latest innovations.


Hosted by Tomorrow Street, Arch Summit 2022 took place at LUXEXPO The Box, in Luxembourg, on the 26th and 27th of October. For two days, the event gathered over 4000 attendees who explore next-generation technology and look for new business opportunities, while discussing themes like social change, climate change, sustainability, digital transformation, supply chain, financial services, cybersecurity, and much more.

Celfocus was present at the event to discuss the latest updates and know-how on Autonomous Networks – Orchestration & Automation and Intelligent Assurance -, Hyper-Personalisation, and B2B2X. At our booth, our experts explained to visitors what to expect from our current offers and how the partnership with Vodafone has been evolving. To do so, Celfocus presented a video showcasing an end-2-end Vodafone Customer journey from the Enterprise to the consumer with use cases contextualizing some ongoing projects – like Mobile Private Networks (MPN), Digital Asset Broker (DAB), Safer Transport for Europe Platform (STEP), Digital Signature eSign and Vodafone TV (VTV) – supported by our offers.  

Celfocus also partnered with Glartek, a leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, to present a demo showing AR solutions for guided execution of processes such as maintenance, inspection, and safety, explaining how we plug these solutions into what we do.  

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:David Chantry|Position:Business Development Director|Company:Celfocus|Image:|Arch Summit was a great experience to showcase Celfocus and raise our profile, which was our main objective. We were able to meet a lot of partners and have more informal interactions. It made discussing critical on-the-ground subjects easy.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Carla Penedo|Position:Head of Offer Development & Architecture|Company:Celfocus|Image:|It was rewarding to receive feedback from multiple sources showing that Celfocus is recognized as a company that delivers no matter the adversities or challenges.”|---Module:text|Size:Small---|

“Innovation with impact. The time is now!”

Arch Summit 2022 brought together industry leaders and enthusiasts to highlight the power of technology that positively impacts society and our planet. Under the theme “Innovation with impact. The time is now!”, the event promoted various keynote speeches, masterclasses, and multiple discussion panels.  

C-Level executives from Vodafone Group talked about the key priorities for Vodafone, which made Celfocus proud knowing that we are already actively collaborating and delivering solutions for two of them, Zero-touch Networks and Analytics. Another topic under discussion was the role of DAB – the new “Economy of Things” platform, an interoperable secure platform based on the latest blockchain technology and capable of exchange data and trade money between the DAB connected devices and machines. Celfocus shares the same vision and has been part of the DAB journey since the beginning, reinforcing the importance of managing data to speed up innovation and generating insights to improve consumer experience and efficiency on the B2B2B world. Beyond the long-running Internet-in-the-car (IITC) B2B2C solution, Celfocus will look forward to continue supporting Vodafone with technology solutions for its B2B2X strategy.

AI solutions with ethics at the heart


|---Module:text|Size:Small---|Carla Penedo, Head of Offer Development & Architecture at Celfocus, was part of the panel “Are we doing enough to ensure ethics are at the heart of AI?”, with the Moderator Emma Jones (Head of SCM Commercial Solutions, VPC) and the Panelists Shoaib Kamran (Executive Director Architecture, Oracle), Rajesh Rathod (CTO, Prodapt), and Zak Doffman (CEO, Digital Barriers).

Panel discussion topics included ethical roles and responsibilities, ethical approaches across different geographies and cultures, and practical ways to ensure that ethics are part of AI solutions. Overall, great perspectives were shared about how we can build AI solutions with ethics at the heart.  

Carla Penedo highlighted the need to adopt ethics by design methodologies by aligning ethical and social values in the design and development of responsible AI solutions, integrating transparency, accountability, privacy, and fairness as its core principles. Penedo considers explainability a must-have feature still difficult to achieve when using advanced machine learning or deep learning models, which poses additional challenges when providing accountability to a model’s decision that resulted in erroneous outcomes.  Moreover, at the core, Penedo believes responsible AI solutions shall be supported by robust data foundations that manage personal information compliantly in line with privacy and security policies, respecting consent permissions.  

Finally, Penedo referred that, as a way to enforce this journey, it is essential to guarantee a healthy balance between profitability and value generation for the society that, together with proper regulation and legislation, will naturally increase trust and adoption from citizens and make sure the world we live is safe and fair for everyone.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Carla Penedo|Position:Head of Offer Development & Architecture|Company:Celfocus|Image:|In the end, AI is just another technology that shall be designed and used to significantly impact our lives for the greater good.


In a nutshell, Arch Summit 2022 was an opportunity to successfully promote Celfocus’s existing work in Vodafone and our strategic offers. It provided the right informal atmosphere in a professional environment where our experts met in person with many of Vodafone’s key stakeholders that now know more about our diversified track record, capabilities, and strategic bets.

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