Crossing the Digital Transformation Chasm

Digital Transformation

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have to deal with the paradox of the world becoming more digital and connected. At the same time, their prevalence is starting to be challenged.

CSPs are the enablers, which places them at the centre of this new paradigm shift represented by the digital in a knowledge based society.

The Emergence of New Players

There are many organizations occupying the space once dominated by CSPs, monetizing on services that were once solely delivered by them.

Digital Mentality

Digital is about the now, being flexible, inclusive, convenient and transparent, resulting in a new customer mentality, which sometimes clashes with the way CSPs are used to doing business.

Becoming a Digital Centric
Customer Organization

  • Seamless Cross
    Channel Experience
  • Digital
  • Business

CELFOCUS Customer Centric
IT Architecture

CSPs wanting to profit from the potential presented in the digital economy must go back to the drawing board and redesign the whole operation around the customer, by revisiting and rethinking the BSS architecture.


CELFOCUS’ Customer-Centric IT Architecture delivers a roadmap to assist CSPs make the transition to a Digital Service Provider (DSP) by proposing a renovated approach on how customers’ needs are being met and how they are engaging with the organization. It represents an evolution from offering core telecom services to providing digital solutions.

Main advantages of CELFOCUS’ Customer Centric BSS architecture include:

  1. Modularity: CSPs can start by addressing a specific pain area, the Billing or CRM system, for example, and prioritize the move to other areas, at a later stage.
  2. Best of breed: Celfocus has experience in working and integrating the most common systems in the market.
  3. Celfocus Product Portfolio: For specific areas where off-the-shelf solutions didn’t cover the full functional scope required, Celfocus’ experience led to the development of a product portfolio which is available to our customers.
  4. Project accelerators: Reusable components used in transformation projects, which play a pivotal role in the project rollout and delivering quick wins, over time.
  5. Fast and proactive recovery through a self-healing mechanism.
  6. Simplified channel catalogue featuring orderable products only, with no dependencies between systems.
  7. Reduced operational costs due to integrated management of manual activities, including assignment and SLA monitoring.

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