Transforming Network Operations through Cognitive Automation – Webinar

April 29, 2021
Transforming Network Operations through Cognitive Automation – Webinar
Partnering with TM Forum and Vodafone, Celfocus is hosting a virtual webinar on network transformation – save May 27th on your agenda.

Digital transformation has been shaping CSPs’ business and operational strategies over the last years, changing the customer relationship and leading to the emergence of a new digital ecosystem. For this transformation to be effective, it must impact the entire IT infrastructure, covering both BSS and OSS to provide a holistic and integrated perspective.

Regarding OSS, the Network Operations Centre (NOC) is one of the domains where this transformative potential is higher. The opportunity for automation and tighter integration is significant due to the predictable and standardised nature of network events. Besides, there’s exponential data growth due to IoT, 5G and other related digital offerings.

After framing the challenge, Mark Newman (Chief Analyst at TM Forum) will hand over the session to Bruno Silva Santos (Executive at Celfocus). Bruno will share Celfocus’s perspective on the path towards zero-touch operations, discuss next-level use cases and introduce Celfocus’s collaborative approach to Vodafone’s Group NOC transformation.

To conclude the discussion, there will be a special guest. Simon Norton (Head of OSS Operations & Digital Transformation at Vodafone’s Group Network Operations) will share his experience and develop on the success story between Vodafone and Celfocus.

“Celfocus is a trustful and experienced partner in the field of Cognitive Automation and OSS. I look forward to exploring these topics with Mark and Simon on May 27th. Don’t miss out!”, states Bruno Silva Santos.

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