5G Mobile Private Networks: High-speed, secure, and customized mobile networks for advanced connectivity.

5G Mobile Private Networks

Transforming Industries with 5G Mobile Private Networks

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Enterprises need to harness the transformative power of 5G technology, generating innovative use cases to address specific industry needs and drive operational efficiency and business growth.

Business Scenario

As consumer communications market saturation increases, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are turning to the enterprise market. By recognising the potential of responding to connectivity and operational efficiency needs across multiple industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, and Retail, among others, CSPs have a significant opportunity to explore new revenue streams and establish themselves as innovators for customers in these industries

The implementation of Mobile Private Networks (MPN) for industry presents several challenges that go beyond the implementation of private connectivity. End-to-end use cases need to be delivered based on connectivity to achieve positive outcomes at the customer’s facilities. This requires knowing how to deliver E2E solutions for diverse industry needs, how to seamlessly integrate with customer’s existing infrastructures, and how to address security concerns. Furthermore, for CSPs, the production and automation of MPN solutions are critical to being able to effectively deliver scaled-down solutions in a cost-effective way.

Our Approach

How Celfocus is Helping Enterprises with 5G MPN

Celfocus has defined enterprise applications and private ledgers as the cornerstone of its blockchain offer to meet the demands of enterprise clients.

Celfocus’s 5G Mobile Private Networks Offer helps CSPs address the multiple challenges of MPN implementation in the industry, from an end-to-end perspective. We partner with CSPs to provide capabilities and accelerators to address the multiple key aspects of use cases, such as:

Business Requirements Analysis

Conduct discussions with the enterprise customer to understand specific needs, business objectives, and technical requirements on top of the connectivity. Identify the critical applications and services that will run on the MPN.

Bespoke E2E use-case development

Develop specific E2E solutions according to the requirements that are crucial to the enterprise's operations. These can include apps, dashboards, service orchestration and provisioning, real-time communication tools, Internet of Things (IoT), devices, drones, or industry-specific applications.

Zero-Touch MPN Assurance

Process data from the MPN network to perform root-cause-analysis to automatically flag incidents and problems in operational dashboards and automation frameworks to follow up and achieve a network that requires fewer resources to run.

Integration with Existing Systems

Integrate solutions with the enterprise's existing IT infrastructure, including servers, databases, and other networking components.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Conduct testing of the use cases to ensure they function correctly within the MPN environment. Verify that the applications meet performance, security, and reliability standards.

Use Cases documentation and training

Provide detailed documentation on the configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the use cases. Conduct training sessions for the enterprise's staff to ensure they can effectively utilise and support these customised applications.

Streamline Future Implementations

Identify, automate and store developed assets to prepare them to be leveraged for future bespoke use cases on top of the MPN infrastructure, thereby reducing time-to-market and increasing the capacity to accommodate customer requests.


By partnering with Celfocus, CSPs can better respond to enterprise customers requesting MPN use cases in their facilities, among other advantages:

Increased Capabilities
Partner Ecosystem
Repeatable Bespoke
Zero-Touch MPN
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Use Cases

Indoor Positioning

Ability to locate people, places, and assets with increased accuracy within hospital facilities, large retail stores, museums, and exhibition halls, enabling data-driven decision-making, optimising staff deployment, and improving customer navigation. 

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Use Cases

Remote places

Sites without connectivity in need of private and reliable connectivity such as industrial farms, construction sites, mining operations, and oil/gas fields can be provided with high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity, essential for critical operations, data transfer, and remote management.

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Use Cases

Special events

Temporary capacity and added services such as enhanced bandwidth, real-time data analytics, and personalised experiences at sports venues, theaters, races, marathons, and festivals.

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Use Cases

Operation automation

Automation and control at the customer’s facilities. Enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve safety in factories, airports, and seaports by automating repetitive tasks, optimising resource utilisation, and enabling predictive maintenance.

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