Leveraging Digital TV intelligence

May 7, 2019
Leveraging Digital TV intelligence
Vodafone Digital TV Analytics project, supported by Celfocus, was featured in the latest edition of Vodafonewatch.


The article was published in April’s edition of Vodafonewatch on Vodafone TV Analytics platform, enabled by Celfocus, which powers dashboards to track data on user behaviour and video content consumption, deepening insights into the performance of Vodafone TV services across different markets.

Developed by Celfocus’ Digital TV and Analytics teams, this project exemplifies the power of business in evolving from a more traditional BI approach and embracing and reaping the benefits offered by Big Data.

According to Pedro Mota, Head of Analytics at Celfocus, Vodafone TV Analytics represents a “central repository that provides a common way for all OpCos to collect, process and visualise their own information, taking advantage of a big data platform on the cloud with real-time KPI calculation capabilities”. For Paulo Duarte Silva, Head of Digital TV at Celfocus, the platform is “deployed 100% on cloud”, which enabled it to be implemented in a “quick and reliable way, without some of the traditional dependencies associated with an on-premises deployment”.

A Video Insight Platform was more recently added to the core toolset, which, from João Gonçalves’s (VTV Engineering Manager at Vodafone TV Engineering in Portugal) point of view, provides a “reliable and scalable solution with the ability to cover all types of business analytics needs”, including predictive, descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive analytics.

The Vodafone Digital TV Analytics offering is in the process of being expanded with new automated tools and being on-boarded by additional OpCos.

Read full Case Study here.

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