Digital Lean BSS: Streamlining and optimizing business support systems for enhanced efficiency and agility.

Digital Lean BSS

Streamlining Business Operations for the Future

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A pragmatic solution that seamlessly integrates assets, products, and knowledge to comprehensively cover core functional domains, empowering enterprises to enable their business efficiently.

Business Scenario

In today's fast-paced business landscape, organisations face the challenge of optimising their businesses and operations, ensuring data and service availability to enhance the customer experience in the telecommunications industry.

But how can organisations efficiently manage complex business operations, adapt to industry dynamics, ensure data and service availability, maintain a customer-centric approach, and remain agile, competitive, and efficient in the face of significant challenges?

Our Approach

How Celfocus is helping Enterprises with Digital Lean BSS

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Celfocus Digital Lean BSS is a simple and pragmatic solution that seamlessly integrates assets, products, and knowledge to comprehensively cover core functional domains, empowering enterprises to enable their business efficiently. It offers an AI-enabled, cloud-native solution that not only supports businesses but also extracts value from data by predicting trends, guiding decision-making, and fostering a customer-centric approach, ensuring enterprises stay ahead of the curve. Celfocus Digital Lean BSS prioritises composability and reusability, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing requirements and leverage existing assets for maximum efficiency.

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Customer Management

is the core capability within a digital BSS that encompasses the comprehensive and data-driven management of customer relationships, ensuring personalised experiences, efficient service delivery, and actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Order Management

is a pivotal capability that serves as the master orchestrator for enterprise application requests. It excels in mapping intricate business processes into automation-ready technical processes, facilitating efficient fulfilment order access and management for operators.

Digital Billing Hub

is the capability aimed at streamlining and automating billing procedures, guaranteeing precise invoicing, optimising revenue management, and elevating customer satisfaction.

Digital Product Catalogue

serves as an extensive digital repository within the digital BSS framework, effectively organising and displaying product information and offerings. It enables effortless access, efficient management, and presentation of products and services to both customers and stakeholders, catering to the needs of both BSS capabilities and digital channels.

Case Management

facilitates the efficient tracking, resolution, and monitoring of customer inquiries, issues, and requests, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric experience.

Digital Convergence

is the integration, orchestration, choreographing, and synchronisation of various digital technologies and processes within the BSS framework aimed at streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and fostering business agility.


Hyper-personalisation using AI-Powered Customer Insights
Best use of data
Cognitive Churn Prediction and Retention
Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities
Billing Precision
Revenue stream diversification
Operational Efficiency
Industry Insights
Fraud Prevention
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Use Cases

Tier 2 Pragmatic and Agile Telcos

A Digital Lean BSS solution caters to Tier 2 Telcos by offering a pragmatic and agile platform for telecom operations. It enables streamlined processes, efficient resource allocation, and responsive customer service. The solution helps these telcos adapt swiftly to changing market conditions while optimising costs.

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Use Cases

IoT Management

As IoT devices proliferate, telecom companies can use Digital Lean BSS to manage IoT connections, monitor device performance, and offer specialised IoT services to various industries, such as agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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Use Cases

Content Delivery and Streaming Services

Telecom providers offering content delivery and streaming services can use Digital Lean BSS to optimise content distribution, personalise recommendations, and manage user subscriptions. This enhances the quality of service and customer retention.

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Use Cases

5G Network Slicing

In the era of 5G, Digital Lean BSS can enable network slicing, allowing telecom companies to offer customised network services for different industries and applications, such as autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, and smart cities.

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Use Cases

Satellite Communications

In the satellite communications industry, Digital Lean BSS can be used to manage satellite networks, offer satellite internet services to remote areas, and support disaster recovery and remote connectivity solutions.

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Use Cases


For B-BRANDS, a Digital Lean BSS provides a platform to efficiently manage their services, customers, and billing. It empowers B-BRANDS to offer customised telecom services, scale their operations, and provide superior customer experiences while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

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Use Cases


MVNOs leverage a Digital Lean BSS solution to efficiently manage their mobile services without the need to own physical infrastructure. The solution supports MVNOs in delivering tailored mobile plans, optimising network usage, and enhancing customer engagement, all while remaining agile and cost-efficient in a competitive market.

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Use Cases

Emerging Telecommunications Startups

Digital Lean BSS solutions offer emerging telecommunications startups a robust foundation to build their operations. These solutions provide cost-effective infrastructure management, customer-centric services, and scalability, enabling startups to compete effectively, innovate rapidly, and capture market share in the dynamic telecom industry.

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