Why do we celebrate Data Protection Day?

January 27, 2023
Why do we celebrate Data Protection Day?
Know more about the importance of this date, globally celebrated since 2006.


Personal data is being processed every second – at work, in our communications, in financial transactions, in the health field, when buying goods or services, traveling, or surfing the internet. Data subjects are generally unfamiliar with the risks related to personal data protection and of their rights in this respect.

Since 2006, the Council of Europe decided to launch a Data Protection Day that is globally celebrated each year on January 28th and known as Privacy Day outside Europe.

This date celebrates an international effort to raise awareness about data subjects’ rights regarding personal data protection and the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.

The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security) and ISO/IEC 27701:2019 (Privacy) certifications, achieved by Celfocus in 2022, represent an independent assurance that both Information Security and Privacy Management Systems (ISMS and PMS) fulfil these standards’ requirements, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as Celfocus clients’ demands and expectations, reinforcing our commitment to safeguard our information and protect personal data.


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Written by
Celfocus Privacy and Compliance Team
Celfocus Privacy and Compliance Team