Hyper-personalisation: Inducing behaviours through data

April 4, 2024
Hyper-personalisation: Inducing behaviours through data
In the Journal of Digital Banking, Celfocus experts Luís Coelho and Gonçalo Cachola explain how hyper-personalisation can transform customer engagement and drive informed decisions.


Amidst a digital era where customer expectations are soaring, businesses are turning to hyper-personalisation to revolutionise customer engagement. Luís Coelho, Head of Hyper-Personalisation at Celfocus, and Gonçalo Cachola, Data & Analytics Offer Manager at Celfocus, shed light on the transformative potential of leveraging data-driven insights to induce valuable and informed decisions in their recent article titled "Hyper-personalisation: Inducing behaviours through data — how machine learning and automation can help customers make valuable and informed decisions”, originally published by Henry Stewart Publications in the Journal of Digital Banking, Volume 8, Number 3.

Throughout the article, Luís Coelho and Gonçalo Cachola share their knowledge, emphasising the need for service providers to adapt to evolving customer demands. The authors explain that hyper-personalisation goes beyond traditional personalisation approaches, requiring investment, time, and a strategic shift to harness the untapped potential within the vast pool of customer data.

The publication delves into the core of hyper-personalisation, elucidating its capacity to bridge data with cognitive and digital capabilities. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, service providers can deliver real-time, one-to-one personalisation experiences tailored to individual preferences and habits. This will not only improve customer experience but also unlock new avenues for revenue generation.

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