Unveil Celfocus’ GenAI vision at FutureNet World 2024

April 4, 2024
Unveil Celfocus’ GenAI vision at FutureNet World 2024
Join us on Tuesday, April 16th, in the session “GenAI in Telco Operations: A Gamechanger?” at 12:10, at Novotel London West, in London.


FutureNet World is back! As a Gold Sponsor, Celfocus is joining this year’s event to share their thoughts on the role of GenAi in Telco Industry, on the first day of the event.  

Carla Penedo, Director of Offer Development & Innovation at Celfocus, will present the session “GenAI in Telco Operations: A Gamechanger?”, debating the transformative role of GenAI from Customer to Network & Service Operations, while also explaining how can GenAI be used to boost operational efficiency.  



FutureNet World will once again deliver unique content that intersects technology and strategy and explore the latest technology trends as service providers rethink business models in the new digital world and the considerations for the future of the network.
Through market-leading presentations, different leadership panels and insights, the event will be focusing on Network Automation & AI, key foundational pillars for the next wave of growth in telecoms.

Join us in London from April 16th to 17th.

Ready to dive in? Schedule a meeting with Celfocus HERE to learn more about Celfocus’ GenAI offer and how it can drive growth and innovation in your business.  

See you at FutureNet World 2024!  

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