Next-Gen 5G Deployments by Celfocus and Nearby Computing

May 23, 2024
Next-Gen 5G Deployments by Celfocus and Nearby Computing
Celfocus and Nearby Computing’s partnership presents a transformative solution that reshapes the 5G landscape, offering unparalleled advantages of implementing Alepo’s cutting-edge 5G solutions.


As projected by Gartner, by 2025, 70% of CSPs will adopt optimisation tools and practices to reduce cloud operations costs, a significant increase from 5% in 2022.

Celfocus and Nearby Computing’s collaborative solution heralds a new era in 5G deployment. With unprecedented speed, efficiency, comprehensive support, end-to-end automation excellence, tailored solutions, and global accessibility, this partnership empowers telecom operators to deploy 5G networks rapidly, seamlessly, and with precision to address the unique requirements of modern connectivity.

This joint endeavor focuses on modernising the underlying tech stack and offers NaaS – Network as a Service use case via Intent-driven Orchestration (IDO). With a cloud-native 5G Core, coupled with Alepo’s Subscriber Data Management (SDM) and converged policy control, it offers an industry-leading low resource footprint, minimising initial investment and enabling service providers and private enterprises to deploy 5G networks more rapidly and cost-effectively.

The collaborative solution expedites 5G deployment, enabling operators to swiftly meet market demands and maintain a competitive edge. Moreover, Nearby Computing’s edge automation platform establishes a new benchmark for deployment efficiency, reducing manual intervention and ensuring error-free implementations.

Marco Ungari, Operations Intelligence Director at Celfocus, remarked, "Our partnership with Nearby Computing underscores our dedication to empowering telecom operators with the latest 5G solutions. By combining our global reach and expertise with Nearby Computing’s automation prowess, we provide operators with the necessary tools to thrive in the 5G era."

Josep Martí, CEO at Nearby Computing, added, "We are excited to collaborate with Celfocus to streamline and expedite the deployment of 5G solutions. Our edge automation platform, NearbyOne, significantly enhances the deployment process, enabling operators to unlock the full potential of 5G technology."

As the demand for private networks grows, according to Analysis Mason, spending on private networks is projected to reach USD 7.7 billion in 2027, meaning the management and automation of the diverse infrastructures, network functions, and applications necessitate specific tools. A robust and user-friendly private cloud-native core must be paired with a flexible and scalable solution capable of orchestrating everything from a single site to a widely distributed network, ideally through a unified interface.

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