Discover how GenAI can impact Network Operations at FutureNet Mena 2024

May 8, 2024
Discover how GenAI can impact Network Operations at FutureNet Mena 2024
Join us on May 16th, in the session “GenAI in Telco Operations: A Gamechanger?” at 15:50, at Conrad Hotel, in Dubai.


Celfocus is joining this year’s FutureNet Mena event to discuss the future of GenAI, on the first day of the event!

João Antunes, Head of Autonomous Networks Offer at Celfocus,
will present the session “GenAI in Telco Operations: A Gamechanger?”, discussing the potential impact of Generative AI on network operations.  Key topics include the role of GenAI in operational efficiency and whether it will serve as a catalyst for a new operational model or just a passing trend.



FutureNet World aims to unite the network ecosystem by providing groundbreaking content to drive rapid innovation and evolution of future networks. It facilitates partnerships and collaborations to foster advancements in key areas such as 5G monetization, Network as a Service, Customer Experience enhancement, Network AI, Cloud Native transformation, and other related topics.

Celfocus will also participate in the FutureNet Mena Awards with Jawwy, since the project "Jawwy Architecture Evolution: Digital Transformation Program" has been selected as a finalist in the "The Customer Experience Award" category, for "the most innovative application of AI to enhance customer experience".

Join us in Dubai from May 14th to 15th.

Ready to dive in? Schedule a meeting with Celfocus HERE to learn more about Celfocus’ GenAI offer and how it can drive growth and innovation in your business.

See you at FutureNet Mena 2024!

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