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Who We Are

Celfocus delivers high-tech system integration services in the digital and cognitive space.

We develop and implement technology solutions that help clients undergo their Digital Transformation, by delivering digital solutions to addressing the most innovative, complex and mission-critical challenges.

Our agile delivery methodology is tailored to reduce risk in IT projects and achieve the 100% success rate. To do that, we do not start projects from scratch. We have a solid vision of what does and doesn’t work, based on two pillars: our customer centric architecture and our evolving reusable components (using our own technology or assembling technology from other vendors).

Where are we

Founded in 2000, Celfocus is fully owned by Novabase, the largest Portuguese Information Technology Company, listed on the Euronext Lisbon Stock Exchange. Celfocus was initially a joint venture between Novabase and Vodafone Portugal.

Serving Clients in 25+ countries, Celfocus helps organizations transform their business in order to improve competitive positioning and ultimately their performance.

Why Celfocus

Celfocus´ success may be looked at as an outlier by many, but there’s more than meets the eye.

By combining a deep business knowledge with the understanding of different technologies, while never losing sight of the customer experience, Celfocus built a reputation leveraged on an unexcelled track record.

We eat, sleep and breathe Technology. It’s embedded in our DNA, in everything we do.

In an ever-changing world, time is of the essence and that’s why our delivery approach is based on reusing components, assets, proprietary frameworks and accelerators proven reliable, allowing us to deliver fast paced projects.

Choosing Celfocus means bringing home a company that will go the extra mile to deliver the impossible, look for solutions where others see obstacles, and focus on anticipating opportunities and needs.

Our Team – extensive hands-on experience

The team is comprised of a core set of highly trained System Architects, Business Analysts and Consultants, with extensive hands-on experience in critical information systems that specialise in Digital and Cognitive technologies.

Celfocus’ dedicated team, working across our six global offices in Lisbon, Oporto, Newbury, Dubai, Dusseldorf and Eindhoven, focuses on understanding the complex market needs and delivering quality solutions to our clients.

Our Partners – working together to achieve results

Celfocus has established a strong network of partners with worldwide recognition in technology. We provide state-of-the-art solutions by partnering with software vendors, hardware companies, and other highly specialized organizations that add value to our offering. Ultimately guaranteeing that we only deliver quality solutions to you, our customer.

Our success in complex IT Transformations is a direct result of the ability to leverage partners’ extensive technology portfolios combined with our experience in delivering real and tangible business benefits to clients around the globe.

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