Celfocus wins three Merit Awards for Telecom

February 29, 2024
Celfocus wins three Merit Awards for Telecom
In a display of innovation and excellence, Celfocus has secured the Gold medal in three prestigious categories at the Merit Awards for Telecom. The Awards recognises Celfocus' outstanding contributions to the telecom industry alongside its esteemed customers, Vodafone and Eutelsat OneWeb.


The Merit Awards for Telecom aim to recognise the efforts and contributions of companies within the global telecom industry. Judged by industry experts, media professionals, and consultants, the awards honor companies that have significantly impacted market growth and innovation.

The winning streak for Celfocus began with the project  "STEP: Breaking Barriers, Saving Lives -Unleashing Innovation for Enhanced Road Safety”, developed in collaboration with Vodafone. This groundbreaking initiative achieved the top spot in the "IoT Automotive" category, showcasing the transformative power of technology in ensuring road safety.

Celfocus played a key role in supporting Vodafone with the development and evolution of the STEP platform. This cloud-based platform aimed at enhancing road safety in Europe. STEP addresses data fragmentation and promotes collaboration among stakeholders, offering features like Local Hazard warnings and Infrastructure-to-Vehicle communication. Leveraging 5G, Edge Computing, and AI, it ensures high-quality, secure V2X services. By optimising traffic flow and reducing accidents, STEP contributes to efficient mobility and lives saved.

In a remarkable double victory, Celfocus emerged victorious in two more categories with the project "Bridging the Digital Divide: Connecting Communities Worldwide with seamless Order Management" in partnership with Eutelsat OneWeb. This cloud-native solution enables efficient tracking and activation of services, contributing to the broader distribution of internet connectivity. By automating order fulfilment processes, the collaboration enhances connectivity in remote and underserved areas, aligning with the global push for digital inclusion.

This pioneering project claimed the Gold in both the "Digital Divide Innovations" and "Satellite Innovations" categories, highlighting Eutelsat OneWeb's and Celfocus' commitment to bridging connectivity gaps and pushing the boundaries of satellite technology.

Marie Zander, the Executive Director for Merit Awards, stated, "These winners are driving advancements that shape the future of telecommunications. Their vision, creativity, and commitment to excellence set the standard for the entire sector."

The collaborative efforts of Celfocus with Vodafone, and with Eutelsat OneWeb have not only garnered recognition but have also showcased the transformative potential of technology in addressing real-world challenges.

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