Celfocus wins Agility in Service Design & Delivery Award at the World Agility Forum

September 30, 2021
Celfocus wins Agility in Service Design & Delivery Award at the World Agility Forum
Celfocus was recognised for its sponsored BI Transformation program on the first day of the annual event about best Agile practices and strategies.


"We couldn’t be more pleased for this Award. Congrats to our amazing team for this great achievement delivering a scaled agile landmark implementation.” - Margarida Silva, Delivery Manager at Celfocus.

Learn more about this project here.

Committed to be a continuously learning organisation, Celfocus attended eXperience Agile 2021 to share and gain an additional understanding about strategic, but also human factors that impact the adoption of sustainable Agile practices.

As a speaker, Celfocus participated in two initiatives: a Human-Centric workshop during Agile Human Factors and an Agile Safari on the first day of eXperience Agile.


“(Re)build the ties that bond us”

At a Human-Centric workshop, Catarina Azevedo (Head of People at Celfocus), shared her thoughts about the changes brought by the pandemic and how Celfocus has adapted to this new reality. The company has successfully achieved the onboarding of 500 people virtually and, according to Catarina, the heartbeat of the company is alive. “We know the future is going to be different. The way we manage, is changing, there’s no more one size fits all. Adaptability, flexibility and autonomy are in the critical path for success, we need to dare to change, be bold and agile.”, she stated.

Having to change the content to a virtual space has its challenges. In her view, the biggest challenge for Celfocus was to create a bond between managers and employees. For that, different kinds of activities were conducted with the purpose to lead people to share moments. “The way we work has changed and agile played a great role to guarantee that everyone was connected.”, she argued.

Catarina’s prediction for the future is that “we will no longer have 9 to 5 pm working; we need to adapt, and we will have a lot of people working differently. The challenge is how we manage, engage, share the knowledge in these kinds of situations”. “Processes and practices will need to be agile, even the office space will need to change, and we will need to promote the collaboration to maintain the same engagement.”, she added.


“Adopting an Agile mindset to thrive”

At Agile Safari, Pedro Nogueira (Head of Agile & DevOps Enablement at Celfocus) presented Celfocus’s context while working with agile. As Pedro stated, since the beginning, 4 years ago, agile came in an organic way. Celfocus has a team dedicated to supporting other teams to adopt agile methodologies – The Agility Lab. With all the changes brought by the pandemic, it was crucial to engage people from outside the organisation and building teams from the start while sustaining and improving existing teams.

This required doing training and specific workshops, for example. For Pedro, how we adapt to change regarding how we do teams interactions guaranteeing that the conversations help to adapt to change, and knowing what the new organisational blockers are, should be the priority now.

Pedro concluded the sharing session by saying that “the transition from waterfall to agile is a new game – some things aren’t going to work, it’s fine to fail, but it’s important to have a support network to help people to play the new game. At the end of the day, it’s about knowing how to help people to do the work (…)”. The human dimension is key to thrive in an Agile world.

“Celfocus was a proud sponsor of XA 2021 which proved, once more, to host some of the best speakers we can have at a conference. We leverage from a broad experience about how agile can impact organisations and how these different parts can fit together as a whole.”, states Pedro Nogueira.

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