Celfocus wins the Operator Award at FutureNet World 2024 with Vodafone NOC CIAS

April 18, 2024
Celfocus wins the Operator Award at FutureNet World 2024 with Vodafone NOC CIAS
Celebrating another milestone of innovation and excellence, Celfocus wins the Operator Award at FutureNet World for its exceptional automation deployment in collaboration with Vodafone. The award-winning Cognitive Intelligence & Automation Solution (CIAS) for Global NOC stands as a testament to Celfocus' ongoing commitment to revolutionising the telecom industry.


The FutureNet World Awards aim to recognise remarkable advancements in automation and AI that revolutionise the way networks function and operate. The Operator Award aims to acknowledge “the best example of automation deployment”.  

Contestants undergo assessment by a diverse panel of expert judges, and, despite fierce competition from industry leaders like 1&1 & Rakuten Symphony, China Unicom, Globe Telecom & MYCOM OSI, Orange, and Telenet & Inmanta, the collaboration between Celfocus and Vodafone distinguished itself through outstanding technical innovation, significant reductions in the life cycle costs of operating a network, growth, and enhancement of the customer experience.

The award was presented by Emma Buckland, Principal Analyst at STL Partners, and handed to Tanja Richter, Chief Network Office at Vodafone Germany and Carla Penedo, Director of Offer Development & Innovation at Celfocus.

We extend our gratitude for the nomination in the "Customer Experience Award" category, recognising TOBi, Vodafone Ireland's virtual assistant, for its innovative AI application enhancing customer experience. We also thank Suzanne Tracy, CTO at SIRO, for her presence at the ceremony, further enriching the event.

Celfocus and Vodafone's award-winning collaboration at FutureNet World showcases the transformative power of technology and strategic partnerships in telecom, emphasising the importance of collaboration in shaping the industry's future.

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and reshaping the telecommunications landscape through innovation.

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