Cloud Managed Services: Outsourced cloud management for improved performance and reliability.

Cloud Managed Services

Leveraging Cloud Managed Services for Optimal Performance

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A holistic solution for enterprises looking to offload the complexities of cloud management, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Business Scenario

In the dynamic landscape of today’s digital economy, enterprises seek not only to adopt cloud solutions but to optimise and extract maximum value from their cloud investments. Celfocus’s Cloud Managed Services Offer is designed to empower businesses, ensuring their cloud environments are not just functional but optimised for peak performance.

Managing and maintaining a cloud infrastructure can be complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. Enterprises often face challenges related to multi-cloud landscapes, security, scalability, performance optimisation, and staying on top of evolving cloud technologies. The need for continuous monitoring and proactive management is paramount in this era of digital transformation.

Our Approach

How Celfocus is helping Enterprises with Cloud Managed Services

Celfocus’s Cloud Managed Services Offer provides a holistic solution for enterprises seeking to offload the intricacies of cloud management, allowing organisations to focus on their core business.

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Celfocus adopts a proactive set of advanced tools, skilled professionals, and best practices, leveraged on the Cloud Centre of Enablement, to ensure the seamless operation of the client's cloud environments.

Our approach ensures:

Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation

Monitor your cloud infrastructure, identifying and addressing potential issues before they impact performance. Our proactive approach guarantees that your resources are optimised for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Security Policies and Compliance

Safeguarding your digital assets is our priority. Our managed service includes a security-by-design and Zero-trust approach to ensure robust security measures and adherence to compliance standards, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Performance Enhancement

We fine-tune your cloud environment for optimal performance. Through regular assessments and adjustments, we ensure that your cloud infrastructure aligns with your business objectives and keeps pace with technological advancements.

24x7 Support and Response

Our dedicated team is at your service round the clock. Whether resolving issues, answering queries, or providing guidance, we are committed to ensuring the availability and reliability of your cloud services.


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Use Cases

CSP Tier 2

The CSP’s significant online presence faced operational challenges and inefficiencies in managing its cloud infrastructure, in a multi-cloud environment. The need for enhanced performance, cost optimisation, and reliability was a challenge. 

Celfocus delivered a CloudOps managed service to transform the CSP’s cloud operations, addressing several challenges:

  • Resource Scaling: The company struggled to dynamically scale resources during peak times, leading to performance issues.
  • Incident Response: An effective incident response plan was established, reducing the mean time to resolution for operational issues. Automation responses were successfully implemented, minimising manual intervention, and ensuring rapid issue resolution.
  • Performance Monitoring: Inadequate visibility into the cloud environment resulted in performance bottlenecks and suboptimal user experiences.
  • Continuous Improvement and Documentation: Regular reviews and evaluations led to continuous improvements in the cloud architecture. Documentation empowered the team with the skills to manage the cloud environment effectively.
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