Lara Silva
June 12, 20193 min read


Flash interview with Lara Silva.

c — In your opinion, what is the most astonishing human invention on the face of the earth? Why?

ls — For me the most astonishing invention is the airplane. It is true that matters regarding human mobility and the distribution of resources and raw material could be mitigated with a car or a boat. However, the airplane is the pinnacle invention of the sector to date. The airplane gives humans a more romantic and liberating sense, because for a matter of seconds humans can imagine touching clouds or flying freely.

c — Which side of the brain do you use more frequently to do your job at Celfocus? (the left side: rational and logical or the right: intuition and creativity)? Why?

ls — I’m currently a Solutions Architect and my tasks include developing data models, drawing end-to-end flow, knowing API standards and advise others on how to create their APIs. Considering all these activities, I must say I use the left side of my brain.

c — Choose a public figure you consider extremely inspirational. Why?

ls — Inspirations change throughout our life, depending on our age and the context. Bearing that in mind, I think the celebrity I find most inspirational today is Stephen Hawking (who has unfortunately passed away). He was one of the world’s greatest scientist, and all his work associated with gravitational singularity and black hole is simply sensational. If we could all contribute to the world in the same way, we would be at an exemplary knowledge level.

In that way, I think when possible we should break our own barriers, our own daily thoughts to try to reach a contribution to society. Not in paying our taxes and working like everyone else, but rather stepping out of our comfort zone and trying to take a step bigger than those we are used to.

c —If you could choose a daily task to be complete with just your thoughts, which would it be? And why?

ls — Everything that has to do with meals, I would happily get done with my thoughts. It would be amazing to think of Paella for lunch and Pho for dinner… et voilá!!

c — Do you believe artificial intelligence could be transformed into an inconvenience for humanity? Why?

ls — Never! All artificial intelligence is created and trained by human beings. If the knowledge of this intelligence because malicious or inconvenient, it is because human beings wanted it that way. It is never AI that will want to hurt, manipulate or dominate. It is the human being behind that AI. Human beings are their own worst enemies and not an external entity. After all, we are at the top of the food chain and because of it, we are free to create or destroy what we have.

c — What new human capacity would surprise you, assuming human beings began using a part of the brain that has yet to be explored?

ls — Telepathy by touch would be a surprising human characteristic. If your body could understand the electric impulses of another simply through touch, we would no longer need to express everything we think. We could even use imagen or video reference of what we’re experiencing.

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