Client Satisfaction Survey reveals positive results

May 3, 2024
Client Satisfaction Survey reveals positive results
Celfocus conducted a Client Satisfaction Survey, inquiring about our customers' experiences with projects in 2023.


To continually enhance service delivery and customer experience, Celfocus recently concluded the 2023 Client Satisfaction Survey, which aimed to gather insights into customers' experiences with projects undertaken throughout 2023.

The survey yielded positive feedback with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 64, reflecting customers' willingness to recommend Celfocus to others. Of the total responses received, comprising 74 clients, a majority of 49 respondents were categorised as "Promoters," indicating high satisfaction levels. Additionally, 23 respondents fell into the "Passives" category, while only 2 were classified as "Detractors”, and the issues raised by the latter were promptly addressed.

The survey captured feedback from a significant portion of Celfocus's client base, representing 62% of our company's revenue. This high response rate underscores the value placed by clients on providing constructive feedback and highlights Celfocus's commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. 

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