Shaping the future of Telcos – Celfocus at DTW 2022

October 21, 2022
Shaping the future of Telcos – Celfocus at DTW 2022
Powerful debates, shared experiences, a successful Catalyst with Telefónica, and more. Know everything about Celfocus’s participation at Digital Transformation World 2022.


Digital Transformation World 2022 (DTW), powered by TM Forum, took place at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, from 20 to 22 September. The event gathered 200 experts across the globe, over 600 companies from 150 countries, webinars, case studies, demos, and debates to discuss the future of telecoms in a highly interactive environment.

Topics such as intent-driven orchestration, the use of effective AI/Machine Learning and 5G monetization were discussed, and a special highlight was given to the announcement of the latest achievements in the development and adoption of the Open Digital Architecture. According to Carla Penedo, Celfocus’s Head of Offer Development & Architecture present at the event, Open API and standards conformance were also key subjects of the conference.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Carla Penedo|Position:Head of Offer Development & Architecture|Company:Celfocus---|It was particularly gratifying to welcome the announcement of the release of the Real World Open API certification – which certify real-world deployments of Open APIs made by all parties involved – as it was originated from previous interactions between Celfocus and TM Forum, and has now been launched in the TM Forum’s website.”

|---Module:text|Size:Small---|This year, Celfocus was present at the event as part of one of the teams on the Catalysts’ list – a set of innovative proof of concept projects – and contributed to a cutting-edge prototype with the topic “Autonomous customer experience index for zero-touch 5G network – Phase II”, which was nominated for the categories “Outstanding Catalyst – Business Impact”, “Outstanding Catalyst – Innovation” and for the recently introduced category “Future Techco”.

|---Module:text|Size:Small---|This was Celfocus’s first participation in a Catalyst project, that ended up in the top 5 finalists for the “Outstanding Catalyst – Innovation” category, of a total of 40 Catalysts and over 146 companies.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Rita Honório Monteiro|Position:Data Scientist|Company:Celfocus---|[Being in the top 5 finalists] showed that our work, our approach and results are aligned with the world guidelines for Telcos. One of the most relevant topics of the event was 5G networks – its autonomy and sustainability –, topics that are familiar to us and ensure that Celfocus is working to be considered a fundamental part of the world of innovation and transformation.


A collaborative project for a cutting-edge solution  


In “Autonomous customer experience index for zero-touch 5G network – Phase II”, Celfocus collaborated with other companies, including our strategic client Telefónica, to co-create a leading-edge solution to deliver higher quality and enhanced customer experience, based on the Customer Experience Index (CEI) that combines real-time network and customer data within increasingly complex, high-performance networks. The goal was to anticipate customer pain points and proactively implement autonomous solutions to avoid service degradation that may negatively impact on Customer Experience.  

Celfocus contributed with expertise in AI & Machine Learning to develop cutting-edge use cases. Our team’s participation involved detecting anomalies in the antennas and performing dynamic network planning through the implementation of new 5G features such as network slicing. This last one in particular generated a lot of interest during Digital Transformation World – the achieved results and even evolution steps were discussed with many curious audience members.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Inês Frade|Position:Data Scientist|Company:Celfocus---|We worked on Use Case 2 and 3 of the project, including the anomaly detection of Customer Experience Index (CEI) variation and in an admission control framework to efficiently allocate resources in the network, considering a reinforcement learning algorithm trained to manage slice requests. Real-data information was used to run our models, which allowed us to gauge the network usage and demand in more detail as well as the quality of the models’ outputs. It was very interesting to collaborate with different teams of other companies and connect with different parts of the work.”

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Luís Carlos Santos|Position:AI Specialist|Company:Celfocus---|I believe that showing a working pipeline on site was really impressive – we were able to showcase demonstrators with real data and that caught the attention of some major players. The fact that we are looking forward to the business model around 5G network slicing on top of the network itself is something that also caught the eye of multiple people at the event.”

|---Module:text|Size:Small---|In addition to Telefónica, our Catalyst team also included members from NTT DATA, Optare Solutions and Nokia. The project was an opportunity for each member to learn from everyone’s visions, develop innovative ideas, be proactive and work together as a team to achieve a common goal. This spirit of mutual help and collaboration was present during the several months of work that preceded the event and, in the end, was decisive for the project’s success.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Julia Martinez Arenas|Position:Customer Experience Manager|Company:Telefónica Global CTIO---|The experience [at DTW] was very positive. We met many companies that provided us with very positive feedback about our Catalyst project. We had the opportunity to discuss with many experts regarding new challenges and possibilities to further develop the main ideas of this project. Celfocus’ contribution was really useful for the Catalyst developing a very advanced Admission Control algorithm in a 5G network with network slicing.”

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Alberto Fuentes Cayon|Position:Specific Knowledge Analyst|Company:NTT DATA---|Experience at DTW was fantastic and very enriching. What caught my attention the most was the Catalyst zone, with many interesting and innovative projects done by teams of companies which in some cases are competitors in their business. Working with Celfocus in the Catalyst project has been a really satisfying experience. The team has always taken care of the common interest and understood from the beginning the innovative and collaborative approach of these types of projects, providing full collaboration, availability and a very proactive attitude.”

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Fernando Lamela,|Position:Solutions Architect|Company:Optare Solutions---|After two years in which the event had changed its format due to the pandemic and the progress of some initiatives had suffered, it has been good to get back in touch, exhibit a sample of the work carried out and be able to see the advances and proposals of the rest of the companies. From the beginning, Celfocus’ team has been tremendously participative and highly oriented towards the search for joint solutions that could help the project, and, from my point of view, they have provided professionalism and knowledge at all times. I would be delighted to repeat the experience with them.

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Eduardo Salagaray|Position:Solution Consultant|Company:Nokia---|The team fed each other mutually and everyone participated in the defense of the mutual project beyond the component that each one had contributed, projecting a joint value resulting from the complicity and intense cooperative work previously done. Our experience working with Celfocus was very positive. At no time we perceived a competitive spirit or mistrust. Quite the contrary, the communication was always very open, the work environment very cooperative and oriented to grow together. This led to a very creative environment that encouraged the development of smart ideas and overcoming difficulties through innovation and a fighting spirit.”


An era of intelligent digital transformation

|---Module:text|Size:Small---|After almost 3 years without being a face-to-face event, Digital Transformation World – one of the biggest events in the industry – returned and brought together service providers, hyper-scalers, and vendors that shared their own stories, learnings, and concerns in this new era of smart networks. Bella Center in Copenhagen provided a powerful space to have conversations, share experiences and ambitions, and explore the latest technology trends. Ultimately, Celfocus’s participation allowed us to collaborate with other companies – including strategic clients –, make meaningful connections, and showcase our results and work, reinforcing Celfocus’s position as a fundamental piece of this digital world in constant innovation and transformation.  

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Carla Penedo|Position:Head of Offer Development & Architecture|Company:Celfocus---|In recent years, Celfocus has been actively working on this confluence of challenges. This conference provided a further confirmation that our strategic bets and offers are perfectly aligned with the industry’s needs and priorities. The track record, the use cases with meaningful and measurable impact, as well as the frameworks/accelerators built for autonomous networks (orchestration and automation), hyper-personalization and B2B2x, consolidates Celfocus as a relevant partner in the era of intelligent digital transformation.”

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