Safaricom boosts customer experience with new CELFOCUS Order Management

April 1, 2021
Safaricom boosts customer experience with new CELFOCUS Order Management
The new version of CELFOCUS Order Management is live on the Kenyan operator’s business support systems.


Telco operators face a triad of challenging conditions daily. They deal with offer complexity driven by customers’ different demands, which come from multiple channels and need to be addressed quickly. Secondly, they urge to shorten the response to market needs to keep up with competitor moves. Finally, they need to streamline the fulfillment chain, bearing all the involved business support systems.

Leader in the Kenyan Telco market, Safaricom puts customers at the heart of operations. As such, the operator challenged Celfocus to upgrade its Order Management product to the new version for the first time. The product consists of a master orchestrator that maps, sequences and fulfils any external or internal customer request.

Featured with cloud and microservices capabilities, CELFOCUS Order Management performs decomposition and bulk orders, centralises request management and accelerates order design and implementation. Due to its code-free nature, it improves time-to-market by eliminating downtime and reduces operational costs by leveraging Kubernetes automation capabilities.

“Celfocus has accomplished an important milestone with a long-standing customer, a partner for over a decade. With CELFOCUS Order Management, Safaricom has an increased order tracking and visibility, with a 360º view on sequences of actions. Besides, the product has a simplified channel catalogue featuring orderable products only, with no dependencies between systems”. Marco Ponte Gomes, CELFOCUS Order Management Principal Engineer.

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