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Many enterprises have to deal with the inconvenience of managing multiple suppliers to cover their communication needs.

Business Scenario

CSPs are in a position where they can take the communication burden from enterprises by making the business more efficient and effective for mobile teams, removing the inconvenience and time wasted in managing different suppliers, bills and contracts.

Monetising Unified Communications

Unified communications represent an opportunity for CSPs to take a central role in addressing all communication needs for large, medium and small organizations. Some of the strategies put in place by CSPs aiming at monetising unified communications include:

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Introducing Celfocus One Net - Mobile Office

Celfocus One Net is an innovative voice solution that fully integrates landlines, mobiles and software-based phones together, providing its users a truly seamless experience across all devices.

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Who benefits the most


There are many advantages when adopting Celfocus One Net in enterprises.

This complete unified communications solution allows organizations to reap significant benefits, including:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Productivity Increase
  • Lower Cost and TCO

CSP Operational Teams

Providing solutions that are easy to support and evolve over time plays a role as important as delivering them. For CSPs, Celfocus One Net provides gains not only for capturing additional revenues and providing a convergent offer but also while managing customers and accounts:

  • Management Hub – Quickly Manage and Navigate Through the Customers’ Devices
  • Bulk Operations - Quickly Manage a Customer's Entire Organisation
  • Powerful Service Administration - Managing the Lower-Level Service Settings

Our Approach

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Celfocus One Net Key Attributes

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Showcasing how Celfocus One Net provides a seamless experience across all devices

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