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Enabling a Converged TV Experience

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Through meticulous design and implementing tailor-made solutions, Celfocus addresses challenges emanating from legacy systems and ensures a seamless transition to cutting-edge TV services for the next generation of viewers.

Business Scenario

In the rapidly evolving television, streaming and entertainment realm, consumers expect personalised experiences across all devices, presenting a challenge of unprecedented complexity for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Mere diversification of content is no longer sufficient to stay competitive. CSPs must now proactively gain strategic insights into viewer preferences, streamline operations for maximum efficiency, and seamlessly integrate a multitude of legacy and cutting-edge TV systems. These efforts establish the cornerstone for delivering a superior, cost-effective customer experience that meets and exceeds the evolving expectations of today's discerning audience.

Nowadays, CSPs in the television industry face a complex and intertwined array of challenges:

Data-Driven decision-making

Making informed choices about content acquisition, service optimisation, and platform expansion requires insightful reporting and accurate visibility into the quality of service delivered.

Understanding the shifting audience

Catering to diverse viewer preferences, content consumption patterns, and platform usage requires sophisticated tools capable of extracting actionable insights from complex customer data.

Streamlining disparate systems

Ensuring seamless collaboration between legacy systems and emerging technologies is paramount, with interoperability serving as a critical component. Any deficiency in integration not only impedes customer experience but also introduces inefficiencies and adds complexity to service management.

Operational agility and cost reduction

CSPs must optimise operations across devices, systems, and geographical locations. This requires implementing remote troubleshooting, centralised device management, and real-time service provisioning.

Our Approach

How Celfocus is helping Enterprises with Digital TV

Celfocus has defined enterprise applications and private ledgers as the cornerstone of its blockchain offer to meet the demands of enterprise clients.

Celfocus holds a profound understanding of the dynamic digital TV landscape and boasts specialisation in seamlessly integrating diverse technologies to craft cohesive and efficient solutions. Our expertise lies in the meticulous design and implementation of tailor-made solutions, uniquely catered to address challenges emanating from legacy systems and ensuring a seamless transition to cutting-edge TV services for the next generation of viewers.

With a commitment to excellence, Celfocus addresses the challenges of the evolving landscape by facilitating infrastructure upgrades, refining user interfaces, and strategically incorporating emerging technologies. This comprehensive approach not only ensures the longevity of the solutions we provide but also positions CSPs to thrive in a competitive market.

Our proven track record of delivering solutions at scale is what sets us apart, transcending geographical boundaries, and meeting the diverse needs of clients across multiple regions. With a focus on innovation and adaptability, Celfocus stands as a trusted partner, dedicated to navigating the complexities of the digital TV industry and facilitating the seamless evolution of services for CSPs.


Centralised and real-time TV service insights
Improved feature time-to-market
Optimal systems response time, availability, and security
Better customer service and cost reduction
Facilitated operational activity, such as migrations and upgrades
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Use Cases

TV Analytics

Getting new insights from customers’ digital TV experience
From data ingestion to processing to storage and as-a-service visualisation, we develop custom cloud-based solutions, delivering a single source of truth for all TV intelligence. Our approach gathers data on user behaviour, preferences, and engagement across digital TV platforms to enable content recommendations and service improvements.

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Use Cases

TV Integration Solutions

Accelerating innovation API orchestration layer
Provide a single point of contact and decoupling between customer devices, the TV Platform, and other critical operating systems.

Integrating external ecosystems and smart devices
Enable interconnected environments that allow customers to control digital TV services through voice commands or by using devices such as smart speakers or home assistants.

Guaranteeing a seamless authentication and provisioning
Ensure secure user authentication and authorisation solutions to control OTT content and other restricted access services to the digital TV platform.

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Use Cases

TV Operation Services

Enhancing remote device and service monitoring
Implement a set of approaches and technologies to proactively enhance monitoring efficiency. This involves implementing automated tools and modular interfaces that can adapt and extend as business requirements evolve.

Featuring predictive analytics & anomaly detection
Deploy advanced AI/ML mechanisms for proactive service monitoring, leveraging insights from historical data to promptly identify root causes and predict anomalies before they occur. This approach culminates in the automated generation of precise and actionable recommendations.

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