Digital Billing Hub with Matrixx: Streamlining billing processes with advanced Matrixx technology for efficient and innovative digital transactions.

Digital Billing Monetization

Embracing Digital Billing for Seamless Operations

Business ScenarioOur ApproachBenefits

A best-of-breed, fully integrated, out-of-the-box digital monetization and billing solution, providing a unique combination of real-time monetization and ‘lean billing’.

Business Scenario

Exploring a new frontier in monetization with an innovative approach has become crucial for companies. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to transcend the traditional demarcation between billing and online charging. By consolidating online charging with digital monetization and billing functions traditionally done offline by legacy billing systems within a convergent charging system, companies gain access to a new dimension of real-time charging and billing data, eliminating functional redundancies, simplifying operations significantly, and drastically improving business flexibility.

Our Approach

How Celfocus is using Digital Billing Monetization

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Celfocus and MATRIXX Digital Billing Monetization

Celfocus and MATRIXX partnered to deliver a best-of-breed, fully integrated, out-of-the-box digital monetization and billing solution. An approach that breaks the stranglehold of legacy billing solutions through a unique combination of real-time monetization and ‘lean billing’, moving on from classic batch-oriented and highly complex billing systems to a real-time, leaner, billing solution.

The Digital Billing solution is composed of Celfocus Digital Billing Hub (DBH) and MATRIXX’s digital monetization solution. The modular architecture of Celfocus Digital Billing Hub enables a Lean Billing implementation with only the necessary Billing functions for each case. Furthermore, the solution takes full advantage of MATRIXX digital monetization features to perform all the charging requirements and not exclusively online usage rating. Offline rating, recurring and non-recurring charging, taxation and discounts functions are performed in MATRIXX, for all types of services offered by the organisation.

Business Enablement | MATRIXX Digital Billing Monetization | Celfocus

Celfocus Digital Billing Hub

The Celfocus Digital Billing Hub (DBH) is an innovative cloud-native billing solution designed to complement Convergent Charging System (CCS) products, particularly MATRIXX, by providing just the necessary functionality and needed flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing telecom market, preventing data and functional duplication across systems, and offering real-time access to the billing information. It adheres to industry standards defined by TMForum by following the ODA architecture blueprint and the OpenAPI initiative, ensuring interoperability and smooth integration with other telecom systems. Its cloud-native architecture offers scalability, high availability, and cost optimisation, making it ideal for businesses with varying workloads. It simplifies billing operations through automation, reducing errors and operational costs. Additionally, its modular and customisable design allows clients to choose and integrate only the required components, supporting future scalability, innovation, and system resilience.

MATRIXX Digital Monetization Solution

MATRIXX delivers a digital monetization solution that combines 3GPP-compliant converged charging with digital monetization capabilities not typically found in a charging system, for customer engagement, subscriptions, promotions, payments, and partners. All customer and partner charges are generated in real time, including usage, one-time, recurring and subscription across all lines of an operator’s business. This gives all customers a digital-first customer experience with always available and accurate service and balance information, including visibility of their complete unbilled spend position be they B2C, B2B or B2B2X customers or partners.

MATRIXX delivers a real-time software solution that transforms telecommunications services and digital monetization offerings by providing operators with a next-generation digital platform.

Business Enablement | MATRIXX Digital Monetization Solution | Celfocus

The Celfocus and MATRIXX Digital Billing Monetization is based on the following 3 drivers:


  • A single wallet strategy driven by Convergent Monetization.
  • Digital Customer Experience – accuracy, transparency and real-time spend position, as charges are no longer hidden until invoice time.
  • Massive reduction in billing complaints and call centre costs.
  • Improvements in NPS.
  • Massive simplification of the BSS stack as well as operations, by removing system duplication.


  • Ending postpaid billing cycle restrictions.
  • ‘Anypaid’ (prepaid, postpaid, pay now) payment model, giving choice and flexibility.
  • Accelerated cash collection.
  • Faster time-to-market for new offers and functionality, potentiating personalised experiences for each customer.


  • Extending MATRIXX footprint for all charging – effective, scalable, ROI and value improvements.
  • Lesser footprint for the Billing function.
  • Eradicates billing delays and costs from order management and change programs.
  • High availability, resilience, elasticity, and scalability for each individual module, inherent from its cloud native, modular architecture.


Faster Time-to-Market
Personalised Experiences
Accelerated Cash Collection
Scalability and High Availability
Operational and Cost Efficiency
Competitive Edge
Real-time Billing
Monetisation of Innovative Services
Enhanced Data and Service Availability
Business Enablement | Digital Billing Monetization | Celfocus
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Use Cases

Digital Operators

The Digital Billing Monetization solution enables an enhanced charging and billing experience for customers with real-time converged wallet information for prepaid and postpaid. It accelerates cash collections with virtually no time between the end of the cycle and the invoice generation. Each customer can have their own Bill Cycle.

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Use Cases

Data-centric organisations

The Digital Billing Monetization solution is an accelerator to monetize data and APIs, providing seamless billing and charging processes so companies can extract value from data.

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Use Cases

Customer centricity

The Digital Billing Monetization solution enables and provides meaningful and personalised experiences making the best use of data.

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Use Cases

Efficient and Agile organisations

The Digital Billing Monetization solution provides a platform to efficiently monetize services. It empowers agility, enabling streamlined operations and optimising costs.

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Use Cases

5G Convergent Charging

Leveraging MATRIXX and Celfocus Digital Billing Hub for 5G convergent charging is essential as it enables a unified and adaptable solution for all upcoming 5G services, simplifying operations, increasing efficiency, and providing a competitive advantage in delivering advanced telecommunications services across the evolving 5G landscape.

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